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Amanda-Williams Amanda Kyle Williams has contributed to short story collections and as a freelance writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She worked as a house painter, a property manager, a sales rep, a commercial embroiderer, a courier, a VP of manufacturing at a North Georgia textile mill, and owned Latch Key Pets, a pet sitting and dog walking business. She also worked with a PI firm in Atlanta on surveillance operations, and became a court-appointed process server.

“We do what we have to do to buy the groceries while we’re waiting for that big break.  Working as a process server and with PI and courier firms in Atlanta was wonderful preparation for developing the Keye Street character.  It takes time and work to find that unique voice as a writer, and for that voice to reach pitch.  And more time to then develop a character that’s the perfect vehicle for that voice.  Keye Street is that character for me.  She’s slightly damaged, seriously flawed; a sober alcoholic with a mighty Krispy Kreme doughnut addiction.  She makes jokes to avoid intimacy.  She’s more afraid of heartbreak than she is of whipping out her ten millimeter Glock.  She feels real to me.  The series is dedicated to my deeply southern Chinese-American niece, Anna.”

In order to lend authenticity to her Keye Street series, Amanda took courses in criminal profiling and practical homicide investigation, and frequently consults with professionals in law enforcement, bond enforcement, criminal profiling and forensics.

The Stranger You Seek (Bantam Aug. 30, 2011) is Amanda’s first mainstream crime novel and the first in the Keye Street series. Bantam will also publish Book Two and Three in the series. Stranger In The Room (Fall 2012). Don’t Talk To Strangers (Fall 2013).
Amanda Kyle Williams lives in Decatur, Georgia, which produces unending fodder for her fiction.  She is currently hard at work on the next Keye Street Thriller.

Amanda is passionate about animals and has been active in the humane community for many years.  She is one of the founding directors at Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia, a nonprofit, no-kill animal welfare organization. Amanda is also a supporter of The Fugees Family. Please click the links below to learn more:
Lifeline Animal Project is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization working on collaborative solutions to end pet overpopulation and stop the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in shelters. Lifeline’s focus is to promote the adoption of homeless pets and to initiate and support effective spay and neuter programs.
Fugees Family, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to working with child survivors of war.

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