Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs

 Bare Bones : A Novel
By: Kathy Reichs

Published by: Scribner

Genre: Pages: 320

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Recommendable for people who:  enjoy mystery, crime drama, suspense, and the tv show BONES.  🙂

Synopsis {from the authors site}:

She works with the dead, but she works for the living.

“Down time” is not a phrase in Tempe Brennan’s vocabulary. A string of disturbing cases has put her vacation plans on hold; instead, she heads to the lab to analyze charred remains from a suspicious fire, and a mysterious black residue from a small plane crash. But most troubling of all are the bones. . . . Tempe’s daughter’s new boyfriend invites them to a picnic — a pig pickin’ — in the North Carolina countryside, where a cache of bones turns up. But are they animal or human? X-rays and DNA may link the crimes, but they can’t reveal who is closing in on Tempe and her daughter — and how far they will go to keep her from uncovering the truth.


My thoughts:

I am totally kicking myself!  I had never heard of this author, even though I love the show BONES.  Bones, is loosely based on the main character from this series of books, Temperance Brennan.  I believe Bare Bones is book SIX in the series.  I loved it.  So much so that I am gung ho to run out and get the others!  I really like that though this was book six in a series, I did not feel lost at all by not reading the other books.  It is written in such a way that allows you to get to know the characters without over doing it and boring those that are already familiar with them to death. 

In Bare Bones, we have several seemingly unrelated cases of “bone finds” fall into the lap of the main character Temperance.  She eventually realizes that these unrelated cases, are ALL related in this big twisty puzzle of “who done it”!  Without going into deep detail and ruining the book,  I will say there are: a few “OMG!” moments, “ewww!” moments, and “O…M…Geeeee!!!” moments!  haha! 

Great story, great character development, and great writing had me on the edge of my seat and not wanting to put it done until I KNEW what was going on!  I really recommend for anyone who likes mysteries, crime drama, CSI type stories, and yes even romance *gag*.  lol!


Read an excerpt:
You can read some of this book on the SEARCH INSIDE THIS BOOK here directly under the cover art.

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