Beyond Fate by John B. Albion

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Beyond Fate

by John B. Albion

What’s the book about?

Along the shores of the Great Lakes a commercial fishing boat with three crew members has “gone missing.”  In Green Bay, a college coed suddenly disappears.  A cargo plane wanders without instruments along the shores of Lake Michigan.  In a small Wisconsin lakeside town a school teacher is haunted by a past he doesn’t remember.  The serendipitous collision of these events occurs when psychic elements align in one man’s mind, compelling him to solve the riddle.

Is it a shadow government, deploying secrets through its military complex or something deeper that compels Tim Storey on a path he didn’t choose, but which fate has directed?  With the help of a few and yet, on his own, he will hunt down the missing, untangle the confusing, and find the answer at the bottom of the lake.

This story of redemption follows one man’s self-doubt and his desire to know the truth on a journey that will alter his beliefs.  Will good prevail over evil or will the powers that be silence the memory of the lost?  Fate is the equalizer.

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Genre: Mystery – Suspense



Rating: This book has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, at the time of this post.

About the Author:

John Albion, Author Beyond Fate

John Albion, Author
Beyond Fate


John Albion lives and writes in Port Washington, WI.









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