Black Cat Vol. 1

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Black Cat, Vol. 1

By: Kentaro Yabuki

Published by: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 142150605X

Genre:Fantasy Manga
Pages: 208

Recommendable for people who: Love Crime, mystery,Fantasy

Two years ago, Train, a high-level assassin known as Number XIII in Chronos, left the secret society to live by his own rules. Since then, Train has been a sweeper, a bounty hunter, catching criminals and bringing them in alive. But his main mission is to find a former Chronos member who killed his best friend.

My Thoughts:

This one is a very action packed manga. Starting off it seems that Train is a good guy, but we are just looking ahead. Then we rewind to see Train’s life as an Assassin, one with no emotions what-so-ever.

I loved Black Cat just as much as Bleach, Naruto, and Rave Master. This one though is a world of Crime, deceit, and betrayal. Whether it is Train on the hunt for his revenge, or him doing some jobs to get a meal, you’ll enjoy this book from the cover to the back.

As the volumes continue, Train goes through a reverse character development going from grimly serious Assassin to a Hilarious Sweeper. Which makes many people LOL countless times. Though I can’t spoil much, I’d say that this book has countless plot twists and crime if you are into that stuff. Enjoy!

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