Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge (2014)–Day 1: BLOGGER RESOLUTIONS

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I can’t believe 2014 is here! As 2013 winded down, and my “every day” life began to settle, I started thinking about where I wanted to go with WeAreWordNerds this year.  2013 was a fantastic year for us, I mean: we hit over 1 million visitors, we made some wonderful contacts at most of the major publishing houses & managed to get ourselves on some permanent “blogger” mail lists, we officially changed domain names, and we have had an amazing amount of support from the book loving community (both readers & publicity departments)!  Where do you go from that, you know?

I am so excited for 2014, and hope this year takes our site to that “next step” in blogging. What ever that step happens to be!

Todays challenge post: BOOK BLOGGING RESOLUTIONS

The difference between a resolution & a goal?  A goal is just a “good intention”.  Its something you hope you’ll do, but there is no commitment or plan.  It is more of a “if I get around to it” it will be great, type deal. A resolution, on the other hand, is something you are GOING TO DO, regardless. It will be done. So here are my resolutions for 2014!

  • I will be proactive in bumping up the interaction on the site.
    I don’t know why my posts really hardly ever get comments.  I get tons of conversation ABOUT my posts over on twitter, fb, and instagram. So why no comments on the site itself?  I’m going to look into this and do what I can to build the “community” feel of the site.
  • I will find and interact actively on new blogs of interest.
    This will help me be “in the know” on what books are trending, as well as give ME new friends and interaction with other book lovers.  I feel like with my divorce and my cut back of the internets, Im really out of “touch” with the book community right now.  Do you have a book blog? Let me know, down in the comments!
  • I will publish more discussion type posts.
    With everything that happened this year, my blog posts have become more of “Book of the Day” posts and thats it.  This year, I will get back to posting, and adding a lot more discussion type posts.  This also will help with my #1 resolution of more interaction on the site!
  • I will be more proactive with my youtube channel.
    I know, I know. I keep blaming everything on the divorce, but its true. Putting my face on to do booktube videos is the last thing I have felt like doing lately. This divorce has stressed me out to the max and I just haven’t felt like “playing happy” for the camera, if that makes sense.  My divorce is almost over though, so I will be back to doing videos again soon.  The question is will I be doing them on my BunnyCates channel or over on the new WeAreWordNerds channel.  Probably, both. 🙂
  • I will participate in at least 6 blog tours, this year.
    I have always turned down blog tour spots, because those are posts I don’t even READ on other peoples blogs. However, it dawned on me that tours are a great way to share info about a book & usually have a giveaway associated with them. They are beneficial and FUN to the people that LIKE those posts.  So, I will do more blog tours in 2014. And I will do it, for YOU. 😉
  • I will put an effort into promoting AUTHORS and not just books, this year.
    I’ve never really put a big focus on the author because I care about the ‘story’ not who wrote it, you know? But, truth is, I have met some amazing authors and publicists this year. I want to shine a little light on them, because without THEM – I would have no books to enjoy!
    I know I say thank you to you guys, my readers, all the time for supporting me/my site. But I want to focus on it this year. Remind myself how lucky I am to be a part of the book community.  Im not sure how, but I want to make sure that ALL of my blog readers & the publicist/authors I work with – know how much I appreciate them.  Without you guys, there wouldn’t be a “WeAreWordNerds”, ya know?

That’s it for me. How about you? What are your resolutions for this year?  If you do this challenge make sure to swing by PARAJUNKEE.COM and link up your post on her linky thingy.  Let me know down in the comments, too, so I can check it out!

Thanks for stopping by guys.

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