Book of the Day: Shades of Souls Passed

Happy Saturday ! So yesterday, in my mailbox I found Shades of Souls Passed by Teresa Andrews. With Halloween approaching, I am so looking forward to diving into a bunch of spooky tales next month!

Shades of Souls Passed


Shades of Souls Passed

by Teresa Andrews
December 27, 2010

A collection of true accounts of ghostly encounters in Madison County, New York. Whether it’s a malevolent poltergeist, a mischievous little girl playing hide and seek, or a gardener simply going about his business, the souls that wander the empty spaces of Madison County remain unseen until one day, or night as the case may be, they decide to make themselves known. Whatever the case, you can be sure that when you roll over and turn out the lights tonight, you won’t be the only one in your room



Big Thanks to Mrs Andrews for sending me a copy of this book!! AND as always, big thanks to you for popping by to see what I was rambling on about. LOL

Hope you have a great weekend.

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