Book of the Day: The Silver Door

OMG you guys! Look what I got a few days ago!! The Silver Door (Golden Door) by Emily Rodda, I can’t wait to read this! I am going to have to pick up book one first, but omg. I am so excited! So is the girlchild. This is the same author that wrote the Deltora Quest series (one of my daughters FAVS!)

The Silver Door (Golden Door)

The Silver Door (Golden Door)

by Emily Rodda

Release Date: 2013-04-01

Internationally bestselling author Emily Rodda returns to the world of Deltora in book two of her brilliant new trilogy.Rye made it through the golden Door and rescued his oldest brother, but his troubles are far from over. The walled city of Weld in which he lives is still under attack by flying beasts called skimmers and Rye must discover who is sending them before it’s too late. Also, his second brother, Sholto, is still missing and Rye can feel that he’s in terrible danger. Rye must choose one of the three Doors that lead out of Weld and venture into the unknown one more time. Will he save Sholto and Weld . . . or will the silver Door be the end of Rye?


Big Thanks to Scholastic Press for sending me a copy of this book!!

AND as always, big thanks to you for popping by to see what I was rambling on about. LOL

Hope you have a great week.

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