Book of the Day: Top Loader by Ed OLoughlin

Happy Monday!

Today in my mailbox I found a lovely package of ARCs!  The first book I pulled out of the package was Toploader: A Novel by Ed O’Loughlin


Top Loader by Ed O'Loughlin

Toploader: A Novel

by Ed O’Loughlin


Toploader: A Novel

If Joseph Heller and Carl Hiaasen had a literary love child in occupied Gaza or Iraq’s Green Zone, it would be this insightful and darkly comic anti-war masterpiece. Spying inside the Embargoed Zone (aka the “Easy”) is expensive and hazardous, and the “terrorist” double agent known as Cobra needs his wages in cash. But his down-at-the-heels spymaster from the occupying forces can only pay with an American-made, top-loading washing machine. When it turns out that this piece of clothes-washing technology is critical to the occupation, a frantic scramble to retrieve the sensitive hardware ensues. Packed with unforgettable characters–including a resourceful local teenage girl, an intrepid reporter navigating the Easy, an egotistical blogger with delusions of relevance, a hapless drone pilot, and at least one very unfortunate donkey–Toploader is a savage and hilarious indictment of occupation diplomacy.


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Its a rare occasion that Mr C takes an interest in one of my books, but I am happy to report this puppy has landed on HIS desk, atm! YAY!

Big Thanks to Silver Oak Publishing for sending me a copy of this book!!

AND as always, big thanks to you for popping by to see what I was rambling on about. LOL

Hope you have a great weekend.

Just a reminder, I usually post pics of the books I get right as I get them on to my facebook page so make sure to click over and LIKE the page – then you’ll see what books I get as I get them instead of waiting till I do a “book haul” video. I’ll still do haul videos every couple of weeks, too. So… yeah. All righty then.

Good night!

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