College Writing: Evaluation Essay ENG 101

Happy Sunday, friends! How about another English Essay? As I mentioned last week, I have been asked by several people to share the essays I wrote for my Eng 101 class. Now that class is over (and I made a 98%!) I feel comfortable in sharing my work.

This assignment was an Evaluation Essay!

The task for this essay was to write an evaluation essay (basically a review) from 2-4 pages. The essay was to be graded upon its idea development, organization, and mechanics.  My score was 10/10. Whoot!


El Bracero for the Win

an evaluation essay by: Bunny Cates
copyright: February 21, 2014
Plagiarism is shitty, do your own work!

Music plays in the background, with singers crooning words in a language I will never understand. A fire burns brightly, with its flame seemingly swaying to the beat of the song. After about two songs, a small man in a clean white shirt places before me a giant plate of steaming hot, fresh, and fragrant Mexican cuisine. My meal this evening is the Beef Chimichanga. My stomach growls loudly as the aroma wafts across my face. My mouth waters and I smile as I thank the little man. This is how it always is when I come here. This is the reason El Bracero is the best Mexican restaurant in the greater Madisonville area.

El Bracero is a small Mexican restaurant located in Western Kentucky. Mexican cuisine is quite popular in Madisonville and several competitors have opened in the area. Even amidst the competition, El Bracero has had much success in Madisonville. Their popularity has allowed them to expand and they have opened a second location in Madisonville, as well as expanding to include Hopkinsville and Owensboro. The quality of food, ambiance of the restaurant itself, and friendly staff make El Bracero a “Must Visit” location.

The main boon for any restaurant is the quality and flavor of the food. El Bracero not only has a large variety of entrees to choose from, but they are all made to order. This means your meal is prepared when you order it. This also means the variations and combinations are endless as you can pick and choose items to be included in your meal. You can add chicken, hold the guacamole, and even request minced vegetables rather than slices. Everything is prepared to your specifications and delivered to your table still steaming (and sometimes still sizzling) straight from the kitchen.

Mexican restaurants here in the States are known for their traditional Mexican ambiance and El Bracero is no exception. The music, the décor, and the all Mexican staff, all lead to the authenticity of the establishment. The walls are hand painted with murals of a scenic Mexican landscapes. The air is filled with the sounds of Mexican music and the smells of delicious Mexican food. The restaurant offers both booths and tables for its quests, as well as a bar and during the summer, an outside patio. For those not wanting to “dine in”, call-ins and carry out orders are welcomed. No matter what type of dining experience you are looking for El Bracero seems to fill the bill.

The best feature of El Bracero, for me, is the staff and service. Being a customer there for over 15 years and never having had a bad experience should say something. The waiters and waitresses have always been friendly, on several occasions even practicing Spanish with my children. They are quick to take your order, quick to offer free refills of your chips and drinks, and they clear your used dishes quickly without interrupting your meal. The staff there is always courteous and in today’s age, a “Thank You” goes a long way in my book.

El Bracero is a great example of an authentic Mexican restaurant. The restaurant offers not only great food, but a wonderful dining experience. The ambiance, the food, and the staff are just some of the reasons this is the best Mexican restaurant in Madisonville. Where their competitors seem to only focus on one aspect of the dining experience, El Bracero excels at them all. What are you having for dinner tonight?

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