Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #3: Nobody’s Perfect. I’m As Close As It Gets. By: Jim Benton

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Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #3: Nobody’s Perfect. I’m As Close As It Gets.

By: Jim Benton

Published by: Scholastic Paperbacks
Released On: 2013-01-01

ISBN: 0545377641
Pages: 160
Genre: Middle Grade / Fiction

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Format of Review Copy: Paperback
Source: ARC

Recommendable for people who enjoy:
Middle grade fiction. (books like Dear Dumb Diary and Box Car Children, etc)

Synopsis (from Amazon):
Whatever you do, DON’T read Jamie Kelly’s bestselling diaries!

The bestselling Dear Dumb Diary series is a hilarious hit! Now Jamie Kelly’s diaries have a fresh look and a fun twist.

Dear Dumb Diary Year Two is still laugh-out-loud funny — but everything is another year dumber!As Jamie continues to grapple with middle school’s Big Questions, she drops even more snarky gems of wisdom like, “Everybody knows that the more you love somebody, the less you try to look nice for them,” and “People don’t appreciate how much willpower it takes to do the wrong thing.”

(But Jamie STILL has no idea that anybody is reading her diary. So please, please, please don’t tell her.)


Dear Dumb Diary Year 2 - Nobodys Perfect

My Thoughts:

This is the continuation of the Dear Dumb Diary series. I think it is geared toward those younger readers who grew up reading Dear Dumb Diary, and aren’t ready to give up on the series even though they’ve out grown it. They get to keep reading it, and see the character grow right along with them. If that makes sense.

This book is so cute. It follows middle schooler Jamie Kelly and is written through a bunch of journal entries. I normally HATE books written as a journal, but I love it in this series. I think it allows kids to connect with the main character better, and see/feel like “that could be me”.

In Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #3: Nobody’s Perfect. I’m As Close As It Gets. Jamie learns valuable lessons about ones “Permanent Record” and the bad things that can happen if/when you try to game the system. She also learns that maybe ALWAYS going along with whatever your friends say, even though you know it is probably wrong, is probably not the best thing to do.

In Conclusion:

I loved this book. I thought it was entertaining and as a mom, I loved that there were lessons to be learned. My daughter loved it too, she read the book in like 20 minutes.

Mom Notes:

These books are aimed at middle grade readers, and even though they are a continuation of the first series I don’t think they have to be read in order.

Recommended for middle graders, say ages 8+

For Students and Parents:
ATOS Book Level:
Interest Level: Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points: 2.0

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