Decoding myself

So, I don’t know if you read my facebook or not.  If you do you already know I worked a really LONG day Monday (like 10 hours of construction and stocking), and managed to throw my back out in the process.  Leave it to me, right? bah. 

Anyway, I’ve pretty much been on pain meds ever since.  Sounds fun right?  Well it is if you call sleeping all day, having a headache from too much sleep, not being able to keep a train of thought, everything pretty much tasting like shit, and rambling on and on and on fun.  Yep, a ball of fun going on here.  lol.

In my Lortab/Vicodin haze, I have managed a few sloppy accomplishments already this month.

I posted a few challenges at DSO:

  • March 2011 – Template Challenge
  • March 2011 – DESKTOP CHALLENGE
  • March 2011 – AD CHALLENGE
  • March 2011 – Card Sketch Challenge

I created a pretty stinkin gorg Gate fold card

With all this laying around, I had plenty of time to read an ENTIRE BOOK in one day. lol…  the review for Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Mysteries, Book 1) will be up a little later today here  And I did a video blog of my TBR list.  Sorry for the “slurred speech” haha…

Oh, I have posted this months book club pick: March 2011 Book Club pick up a copy and JOIN ME!

I even made myself out a “TO DO” list last night, for today, but I have to tell you its pretty useless.  It has fun things listed like “photo butter, live like a REAL foodie!!!” on it.  WTF does that even MEAN?  Whatever it is, its number 2 on my list. haha! 

Ok, once I decode my to do list, I am going to try to get something accomplished for today.  However, my next pill is due in less than two hours, at that point I will turn into a fruitloop again and pass back out. Something tells me that decoding is not going to happen today.  hahaha…..

have a great day!

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