Encounter with Hell by Alexis McQuillan

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Encounter with Hell: My Terrifying Clash with a Demonic Entity

By: Alexis McQuillan

Published by: Llewellyn Publications
Released On: 2012-09-08

ISBN: 0738733504
Pages: 216
Genre: non-fiction, religion, paranormal

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Format of Review Copy: ARC
Source:  publisher

Recommendable for people who enjoy:  true story/paranormal accounts

Synopsis (from Amazon):

The events in this story are true, but the names and locations have been changed to protect the reader. Alexis is a psychic who never believed in demons until she came face to face with pure evil. This is her true story of battling a terrifying entity that was so powerful it turned her life upside down and put her in mortal danger . . .

Her nightmare begins shortly after she and her husband relocate to a small lakeside community. After hearing rumors about the nearby Matthews residence, Alexis investigates the nineteenth century house and its spirit inhabitants. She soon finds herself caught in a demon’s snare of violent fury—subjecting her to deep growls, a malevolent force attacking her in bed, and phantom apparitions, ultimately leading to a horrific spiritual battle with a demon hell-bent on her destruction


My Thoughts:

This was a pretty quick read for me (see my goodreads updates).  I find it hard to review non-fiction, so just bear with me and my train wreck jumble of thoughts. 

In this story, the author is writing of her experience being haunted by a demon.  I found the entire book to be interesting, for sure.  She, the author, is an excellent writer.  At times, I felt like I was reading a letter from a friend I hadn’t seen in ages and not a book.  There was just a natural comfort in the writing style, that I really enjoyed.

As for the plot/story:  It was pretty much what the blurb above says it is.  A true account, so claimed, of a woman who hunted ghosts and ended up the target of a demon.  I, personally, had a hard time believing the account.  Not because of the subject matter – I’m open to believing about anything is possible.  My issue with the story is the author claimed to be a ghost hunter, a psychic; she believed in ghosts, spirits, entities, and even some witch craft was strewn in.  However, she repeatedly stated up until the incidents in this book, she didn’t believe in demons.  I just, for myself, I don’t understand how someone (or why someone) would be willing to make the leap to believe in all that other stuff…but not demons.  Ghosts – yes.  Spirits – yes. Witch craft – oh yes.  But Demons – nope.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  It makes it hard for me to believe any of the account.  If that even makes any sense. 

In Conclusion:

I would recommend this book, I think.  Especially to those who like true-paranormal type things (like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Hauntings, etc).  It’s not my place to say whether this is fact or fiction, its just my place to say whether it is entertaining.  I can say I read the entire thing and was definitely intrigued by it.  I am still not sure I believe it, but that’s why it’s entertainment.  It has been several days since I finished it, and am still “thinking” about it, so I say it did its job.  It entertained me.  I would certainly read more from this author, she’s very interesting.

Mom Notes:

Not for younger ones.  Since it is written as factual – it could/would really confuse younger ones as to reality, faith, etc.   Contains: ghosts, demons, varying religious beliefs, violence,  etc.

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