Eyes to See by Joseph Nassise

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Eyes to See (Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle)

By: Joseph Nassise

Published by: Tor Books
Released On: 2012-06-26

ISBN: 0765365758
Pages: 368
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Horror

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Format of Review Copy: Paperback
Source: ARC

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Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Thriller / Mystery / Horror / Drama. Yeah, pretty much ALL of those. =D

Synopsis (from Amazon):
Would you sacrifice your sight to see the unknown? What if it meant saving the life of your only child? In EYES TO SEE Joseph Nassise, internationally bestselling author of the Templar Chronicles and Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Riverwatch, takes readers on a nightmarish trip through the streets of Boston as a man desperate to find his daughter turns to the paranormal for help–for the dead are everywhere… Jeremiah Hunt’s life has fallen apart in the months since his daughter’s disappearance. Once a happily married and respected Harvard classics professor, Hunt’s obsessive search for his daughter Elizabeth has cost him his job, wife and reputation. In a last desperate attempt to discover Elizabeth’s fate, Hunt performs an arcane ritual that robs him of his eyesight in order to see “that which is unseen”. Now, he can see what others cannot: ghosts and other pernicious creatures of the night. Using his new gift, Hunt embarks on a strange new career and begins to earn a meager living by chasing away the wayward spirits that torment the living. With the help of his ghostly companions, Whisper and Scream, he searches for clues to Elizabeth’s fate… until he falls into a trap laid for him by a particularly cunning foe and winds up accused of committing a series of brutal murders. What begins as a quest to save his daughter turns into a desperate search for truth. But his search will lead him to an all-consuming battle against an ageless, malevolent force that would use a father’s love for his daughter to set itself free. If Hunt can’t stop it, his adversary’s terrible revenge will destroy him, Elizabeth, and countless other innocents. A rich tale full of terrifying moments, engaging fantasy and deep emotion EYES TO SEE is ground-breaking urban fantasy that charts daring new territory in the field.Books in the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle:Eyes To See (book one)King of the Dead (book two)Watcher of the Dark (coming 2013)

Eyes to See (The Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle) by Joseph Nassise

My Thoughts:

Ok you guys! So.. I read this book the other day and wanted to wait a bit before I actually wrote up the review. WHY? you ask. Well, you know when you read a book and you think its so awesome that you immediately run and tell everyone who will listen that they MUST READ IT! But then, like a few days later – you think about that book and you’re like “Damn, that really wasn’t THAT great…” yeah, well.

Goodreads - Bunny Catess review of Eyes to See

This book isn’t one of those because it has been a few days and ITS STILL AWESOME!

Seriously, you guys. IM NOT KIDDING!

Eyes to See (Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle) by Joseph Nassise is an urban fantasy tale that teeters on the edge of horror. The main character here is Jeremiah Hunt. He’s just a regular guy. Regular, right up until his daughter goes missing. He spends years of his life doing EVERYTHING he can to find her. Everything, including performing a ritual that was supposed to let him see “that which is unseen”. Little did he know that the “unseen” wasn’t his daughter, it was the paranormal world around us.

I thought the world building of this one was great! Its a modern world just like ours, only our main character is now blind to our world and can see all the paranormal around us. Ghosts, specters, witches, and even shifters. Hunt even makes his living by performing exorcisms when he needs some cash to help further the search for his daughter.

Character wise, I think Nassise did a fantastic job of giving us characters that you want to know more about and want to help. Jeremiah is that “broken” hero that you NEED in a story like this. Hoping against hope that his daughter is still alive and letting his own life slide because he is so wrapped up in that hope. He loses his job, loses his wife, all because he wont give up on finding his daughter. As a mom, it struck a chord with me and I totally connected with that. The characters that we meet along the way that help Jeremiah were just as “meaty”.

Story wise, I really don’t want to go too much into the plot because I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything for you. I will tell you this is a mans quest for his missing daughter, a multiple murder mystery, a paranormal fantasy, an action adventure, with a bit of thrilling horror thrown in – just incase your emotions weren’t already invested. You know, just a little something extra to “keep ya on your toes”.

The writing style has this casual feel and thus the story flows in such a way that you read half the book before even thinking about looking at the clock to see how long you’ve been reading. Its one of those books you get lost in. Where when you do look up the clock you realize you haven’t been sitting there for 15 minutes but instead, you’ve been there for HOURS.

In Conclusion:

I loved *LOVED* this one guys! If you like ghosts/paranormal/fantasy type books you MUST READ this one! Can’t wait to pick up book two King of the Dead (The Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle) by Joseph Nassise!

Mom Notes:

Maybe for ages 13+. Contains violence, language.

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