Filter by Gwenn Wright

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Filter: The Von Strassenberg Saga (Volume 1)

By: Gwenn A. Wright

Published by: CreateSpace
Released On: 2010-08-10

ISBN: 1461053005

Genre: YA
Pages: 352

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Historical Fiction, Romance, Suspense

Synopsis (from Amazon):
In this darkly romantic family saga, Rocky Evans searches for a way out of her stepfather’s self-inflicted poverty. Just weeks before graduation, with a plan to go anywhere the alcoholic slug of a man wouldn’t find her, a car pulls up alongside her on the dark streets of Nashville. The young attorney in his flashy car speaks cryptically of the family she never realized she might have. In a fast paced, heart wrenching first installment of The von Strassenberg Saga, Rocky Evans begins on her journey to unearth the roots of her family tree. What she will learn is there is a reason some roots are best left deeply buried


My Thoughts:

Loved. It.

How’s that for a professional review? haha.  Seriously! OMGosh you guys.  When I finished reading this book, it was like 3am.  I ran upstairs where my Mr. was in his office and tossed the book in his lap, then I just started telling him about it.  When I get excited I talk REALLY fast and I forget to breath.  So, when I was finished, I leaned against the door and fake smoked a fake cigarette with a HUGE intake of air.   He just looked up at me and said “So… you liked it then?”  UGH!!! I could’ve punched him in the face! haha!!!

How to review this story without giving away too much of the plot, hmmm…


Filter is book one of a series, and thus the beginning of the story.  In this installment we are following two timelines of events: the late 1800s and present day St. Louis.  Told through alternating P.O.V. we meet the 1800’s young Katherine, and we also meet present day Rocky.  Normally, I am not a fan of the alternating point of views in a book.  It usually ends up distracting from the story instead of enhancing.  However, in Filter, the author has written the p,o.v. transitions with such skill that the story just flows through the changes. I can’t imagine it being written any other way.


I have to admit, I loved the Katherine/Viktor storyline (picture me saying “Veek-tor”, lol).  There, I admitted it.  I can no longer deny that I enjoy romance. *sigh* What has happened to me?!  Katherine, a prominent St Louis attorney’s sickly headstrong daughter.  Viktor a foreign Dr/Scientists  sickly and handsome son.   Meet.  Sparks.  Parents forbid them to be together.  Ahh, young love.

Rocky’s storyline: I headstrong orphaned teen, who flees to St. Louis on the hopes of finding her own path (and a promise of wealth through an unlikely bloodline).  She is strong, independent, and smart.  Usually.  And “the Third”.  OMG, *swoon*…  yes, “the Third” makes my toes curl and my face to girl giggle…haha.

How they are connected is a mystery, and the story is basically page after page of adventure as we try to fit together the pieces of the puzzle. The story is dark, gothic, romantic, and tragic.  Yep, Ole Miss Bunny Cates cried her face off toward the end. 


When you finish a book, and you have to smoke a fake cigarette…that’s when you know you’ve read something amazing.  I totally recommend this one for anyone who enjoys: historical fiction, romance, suspense, mystery, ya

READ IT.  You’ll thank me for it, promise. 😉

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