Finding Poe by Leigh M Lane

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Finding Poe

By: Leigh M. Lane

Published by: Cerebral Books
Released On: March 18, 2012

ISBN: 0615626610
Pages: 210 pages
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Horror

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Format of Review Copy: Paperback
Source: ARC

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Mystery, thriller, gothic horror, suspense, and ghost stories…

Synopsis (from Amazon):
Follow the final moments before Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious death, journeying through twisted bits and pieces of his musings, both brilliant and mad, in search of the truth behind his final, unfinished work “The Lighthouse,” while unraveling the mystery behind the elusive woman desperately seeking the author for answers behind her husband’s haunted death.


My Thoughts:

I’m not really sure how much I can say in my review of Finding Poe by Leigh M Lane, without spoiling the book for those who haven’t read it yet. It is just one of those books where if you accidently say too much… there is no point for the other person to read it. So, with that being said, what CAN I say?

This story follows Karina a lady who, leaves her home country and social status, comes to the states with her husband. She has no idea why he has chosen to come to the US to live in a decrepit old lighthouse, but he is her husband. *as the song goes… “Stand by your man”, right?* After many strange happenings, her husband dies, and she finds a letter addressed to Mr Poe. This sets her on her journey to find Poe and find out what REALLY happened to her husband.

It is interesting to note that there are references to many of Poe’s works discreetly woven within this story. I found myself, while reading, thinking I remembered something from Poe. So I would pull out my “complete works” and scan through to see. Yep, yep, and YEP. =D

This story for me was: aggravating (because her husband is a d**k), suspenseful, intriguing, and mostly… entertaining. A successful homage to the master.

In Conclusion:

I think, for this review… I will just let my final reading update on goodreads speak for itself…

Goodreads - Bunny Cates (Madisonville, KY)'s review of Finding Poe


I discuss Finding Poe by Leigh M Lane at the 7:21 mark


Mom Notes:

This is a horror suspense novel, and not for children. Contains violence, death, etc.

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