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Happy Friday folks!  Hope you had a great week and are ready to hit the weekend running!  It’s that time of year for me.  You know, when between “the weather kicking the crap out of my sinuses” and “the neighbors all mowing their lawns on the same day” makes my head pound so hard I feel it in my face and just hide under a pillow for days.  Yea, that time of year.  Go Me.  haha.

We’re just planning a lazy weekend at home this week since my Mr is working most of it.  Hoping the headache lifts enough I can lounge around out on the deck and just take in the air and read.  Of course, taking in the air will then cause the aforementioned face pounding – so that’s probably better just left in the “good intentions” category. 

What am I reading this weekend?  Why, how kind to inquire!  I shall show you right this very second…

Firstly, I was honored when one of my twitter tweeps – author Gwenn Wright asked me if I would like to review her second book The BlueStocking Girl: The von Strassenberg Saga.  I had read the first book in the series Filter (The Von Strassenberg Saga) last year, and really enjoyed it.  (You can see my review of FILTER here)

BlueStocking Girl by Gwenn Wright

The BlueStocking Girl: The von Strassenberg Saga by Gwenn Wright

Release Date: 2012-01-06

1896: The saga continues as young, headstrong Maria Smythe leaves her childhood home to pursue an education at a prestigious ladies’ college. Little does she suspect how sheltered her life has been, the dark secrets her father has kept or the imminent danger she now faces.

2010: Being home in St. Louis stirs up memories William Drexler III would rather forget. Haunted by disturbing nightmares he struggles through his days, trying to forget Rocky while attempting to discover the reason behind his family’s involvement with the Demures and von Strassenbergs. As he begins to unravel the mystery he finds that sometimes the truth is more dangerous than the lie.


BlueStocking Girl by Gwenn Wright

I’m about 40 pages in, now.  Hoping it “hooks” me in soon like Filter managed to do so I can knock it out in an afternoon.  Crossing fingers for a good read!

The second book I am working on this weekend, is actually on my KINDLE.  This kindle thing is sure taking some getting used to, that’s for realz.  All these free books I have gotten off of Amazon and truthfully, have only read a couple of them.  As nice as it is to be able to pack an entire library around in my purse – it just doesn’t feel the same as a good ole BOOK.  

Anyway, the second book I am working on (I’m about 25% according to Mr Kindleton)

Encounter with Hell: My Terrifying Clash with a Demonic Entity by Alexis McQuillan

Release Date: 2012-09-08

The events in this story are true, but the names and locations have been changed to protect the reader. Alexis is a psychic who never believed in demons until she came face to face with pure evil. This is her true story of battling a terrifying entity that was so powerful it turned her life upside down and put her in mortal danger . . .

Her nightmare begins shortly after she and her husband relocate to a small lakeside community. After hearing rumors about the nearby Matthews residence, Alexis investigates the nineteenth century house and its spirit inhabitants. She soon finds herself caught in a demon’s snare of violent fury-subjecting her to deep growls, a malevolent force attacking her in bed, and phantom apparitions, ultimately leading to a horrific spiritual battle with a demon hell-bent on her destruction.

NO OF PAGES: 216 | GENRE: Non-Fiction, Religion | BUY ON AMAZON

So how ‘bout it?  What are you planning on reading this weekend? 

No idea?  You can get tons of ideas and see what thousands of other folks are reading by searching for hashtag #FridayReads on twitter!

Comment below or hollar at me on “the twitteh” and let me know what you’re reading this weekend.

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