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Happy Monday, yall!  Today is the first day of the August leg of the #AYearAThon, and that means it is #MiddleGrade month!  woohooo!!!!!!!!

Since this month’s theme is middle grade, I thought it would be fun to have a few giveaways!  Well, actually, the thought went down in my head, something like this…

You: “Bunny, Im an adult. I do not read middle grade.”
Me:  “SAY WHU?!  You no gots no middlegrade novels?”
You:  blink.blinkblink
Me: “That’s just wrong! I know! I’ll do a giveaway!”

So here is your chance!


The Gloomy Ghost: A Monsterrific Tale (Monsterrific Tales) by David Lubar| wearewordnerds.com

The Gloomy Ghost: A Monsterrific Tale (Monsterrific Tales) by David Lubar

Release Date: 2014-07-08

Acclaimed author David Lubar’s Monsterrific Tales return to life with this new edition of The Gloomy Ghost that is sure to appeal to fans of his Weenies short story collections.

There’s something strange going on at Washington Irving Elementary School. Kids are turning into monsters—literally! First it was Sebastian, then Angie. Now it’s little brother Rory’s turn to be “monsterized!” One minute he’s a normal kid hanging out in his backyard. The next, he finds himself walking through stuff: the back porch, walls, even people! What’s a ghostly kid to do? Rory decides to find some other spirits and ask them how to get “un-ghosted.” So he heads up to the local haunted house to give it a try.

What Rory doesn’t know is that if he doesn’t get the answer soon, he’ll only have a ghost of a chance of ever being a kid again…




*Please be aware this giveaway is USA ONLY!  Winner will have 48 hours to reply, then I am picking another winner!
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