Hello, You!

Hey lovelies!  This is just a quick note to let you know we have completed the blog move and www.bunnycates.com has successfully merged into www.wearewordnerds.com   I am so excited for this change, guys!  I do have a bit more “cleaning  up” to do behind the scenes, but we should be back to normal come Monday!

Everyone keeps asking me “Why the change in the name?”.  Well, only the most important reason of all!  I wanted to be able to open the site up for some guest posts, and some “regular guests” features!  This is MORE CONTENT for you guys and more reviews from a slew of different folks and genres! (If YOU would like to do a guest post, please fill out this form!)

We’ve already added:

  • G+ Page and you can friend me on G+
  • Youtube Channel – I will still be posting on MY Youtube Channel, too….
  • Goodreads Group and you can FRIEND ME
  • For twitter, I am just going to keep using @BunnyCates (follow me!) BUT lets start using #WeAreWordNerds for tweets regarding the site!
  • For FaceBook – I think I am just going to keep using my facebook page since it is already all set up.
  • BookClub – Not sure what to do here.  I already co-host YTBookClub over on youtube.  Would you guys prefer to just use that book club as THE book club or would you want a book club specifically set up for #WeAreWordNerds?

Anyhoo!  Big changes are a comin’ guys!  Please just bear with me while I work out the kinks!

Hope you have a fantastic week!

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