You guys! I just wanted to say a huge

THANK YOU to all our #YTBookClub members!

When I first thought about starting a bookclub on my youtube channel, I had no idea if anyone else would be interested in it. When I was discussing it with my friend Lindsay, and found out she was interested too – I was like “OK!” We talked about it for months (like SIX MONTHS!) trying to figure out how to make it work. At that point, EVERYONE couldn’t do the Hangouts LIVE, Google hadn’t launched it fully yet. By the time Google got their live streams going, we were so ready to do the book club – we really didn’t care if other people joined us or not. haha! Honestly, I thought we might get 10-15 “members” or viewers for the live streams. I never expected more than that!

I would like to show you how many people have been joining us lately, for our club. Through my webhost, they have a thing that monitors your site activity. It’s how they know how much resources you are using on their server, etc. Anyway, I pulled mine today to see what my top hit pages were. I have removed a few pages from this screen cap, because they weren’t relevant to bookclub, but this will give you a general idea…

Are you ready? (I kid you not, I have a tear in my eye. No shit.)

Statistics for (2013-02)
Yes, I realize I forgot to clip that one page off. haha, sorry – Im too lazy to open my graphics program again. 🙁 The point is…. LOOK AT THE BOOK CLUB VIEWS! LOOK AT THAT SHIT!

I love you guys, I swear I do. I have gone my entire life not knowing other “readers”. I mean, REAL READERS, the fans of reading – that read more than a book or two a year. And then I found youtube, and youtube/booktube let me find YOU! You guys make me so happy, you have NO IDEA.

I just wanted to show you guys this, let you see what WE have made together, because without you guys – it would just be me and Lindsay, sitting around late night chatting about how shitty the world is. haha.


Seriously, thank you guys so much for being a part of our book club. I can’t wait to see how we grow , and what adventures are waiting for us in the months to come!

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