Island of Silence by Lisa McMann

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Island of Silence (Unwanteds)

By: Lisa McMann

Published by: Aladdin
Released On: 2012-09-04

ISBN: 1442407719
Pages: 416

Genre: MiddleGrade Fantasy Adventure

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Format of Review Copy: audio book
Source: ARC

Recommendable for people who enjoy: Fantasy and action novels with children and young teens.

Synopsis (from Amazon):

The second book in the middle-grade dystopian fantasy series that Kirkus Reviews calls “The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter,” by New York Times bestselling author Lisa McMann.

Following the life-altering events at the conclusion of The Unwanteds, the stark world of Quill and the magical haven of Artimé are now home to whoever wants to live there, whether they are Wanteds, Unwanteds, or Necessaries.

In Artimé, Alex Stowe and his friends continue to hone their artistic magical spells while welcoming newcomers, wondering how long this peace between Quill and Artimé will last. Alex is stunned when Mr. Today comes to him with a very special request—one Alex questions his readiness for, until circumstances offer a dramatic answer.

And back in Quill, Aaron Stowe, Alex’s twin, faces a very different path. Devastated by his loss of status after Justine’s defeat and seething with rage toward Alex, Aaron is stealthily planning his revenge and return to power.

Alex and Aaron’s separate stories proceed with suspenseful pacing, colliding in a stunning climax that elevates sibling rivalry to epic proportions and leaves the fate of both worlds hanging in the balance.


My Thoughts:

I don’t know why I am having such a hard time coming up with how I want to write this review. My brain is so weird sometimes.

This is book TWO in a series, so if you haven’t read THE UNWANTEDS which is book ONE… You probably shouldn’t read this review.

For me, this book was just as fantastical as the first one. The world that Lisa McMann has built with Artimé and Quill is, for lack of a better word, awesome. Even for me as a grown up. Quill is so dark and dreary, by contrast, Artimé is so colorful and ALIVE. Now, we have The Island of Silence as well – which could possibly be the scariest place I have ever read in a book. (umm, and I read A LOT of horror!)

The characters are so well developed, that I feel like I know them. I want to be friends with them (or NOT), I want to hug them (or NOT!)… The author has done such an amazing job here. The characters you are supposed to care about you do – and the ones you are supposed to despise, YOU DO! I would not be lying if I said the inhabitants from the Island of Silence could have been plucked from one of my crazy ass nightmares. They SCARED ME. As in: sat up in bed, gasping for air, praying “my friends” got away from them.

The story arc was great! There was so much action, mystery, drama, and suspense. I really can’t believe this is a Middle Grade series. It is THAT GOOD.

In Conclusion:

I can’t tell you guys how much I enjoy this series. I mean, I tried. Above. Obviously. But sometimes a review for a book or series, really just doesn’t do it justice. This is one of those cases, I think. (review of the first book in this series is HERE ) The world building is fantastic, the characters are dynamic (and lovable), and the story just sucks you in. For me, this one is a win/win/win. I did the first two books on audio, and really hope I pick up the hardcopies to have on my bookshelf soon!


Mom Notes:

This book has some VERY scary bits in it. Even as an adult, the suspense and description of what happens on the Island of Silence was SCARY!! I think I would have to say this one is maybe ages 11-12 and up.


This book is rated:
Interest Level: MG
ATOS Book Level (reading skill level): 5.4
AR Pts: 11.0

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