Meet my roommate…

Meet my roommate.  We call him “Mr Murphy”.  He apparently, has moved back in.  *sigh*

How do I know he’s here? Well ummm… today, that’s how.

We overslept so the kids missed the bus.  Which wouldn’t be that bad if Mr C hadn’t tried to take my car to work last night only to return 10 minutes later cussing that it “threw a belt” and “Don’t drive the **** thing” blah blah.  So yea, I went to call someone to see if they could give the kids a lift to school – and someone didn’t put the house phone back on the charger.  It was dead.  So… I picked up my cell phone, and ummm… someone didn’t pay the bill yesterday before she went to bed so IT was deactivated.  guhhh….

Needless to say, the kids got a free day out of school and I have pretty much just been wallerin’ around the house “Oh whoa-is-me”ing it all day.

Today, really kind of sucked balls.


Sis agrees...

(Sis agrees with Me. lol)

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