Nothing At All by Denys Cazet

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Nothing At All

By: Denys Cazet

Published by: Scholastic
Released On: 1994-03-01

ISBN: 0531068226
Pages:  32
Genre: Children’s

Author’s Website:  n/a

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Format of Review Copy: hardcover
Source:  purchase

Recommendable for people who enjoy:
Children’s books, story time with their little ones

Synopsis (from Amazon):
The scarecrow is used to the usual commotion of a farm morning. Out in his field he has "nothing at all" to say about any of it. One morning a mouse skitters up his pant leg, and the stuffed fellow goes wild with dancing. The text invites participation from the youngest listeners. The pictures are the author’s boldest–ideal for story-time sharing. Full color.


My Thoughts:

Just thought I would share this.  This is one of my favorite "children’s books" that I ever bought my kids. It was read so many times (with BOTH of them) that I have had to repurchase it several times. I first saw it read on Reading Rainbow (remember that show?) and knew I had to have it. It’s whimsical and HILARIOUS!

This is the story of what happens on a farm every morning.  It’s written in rhyme, and so fun to read and “act out” the story for little ones.  They just get so drawn into the story and then wham!  Laughter everywhere! 

There is one point in the story I have to stop reading and gather myself – tears rolling down my face with laughter.  Every single time I read it.  Even still, and my kids are now 15 and 11.  This is by far one of the my favorite “memory” books, I hope to always have a copy in our home library so I don’t forget those great times when my kids were little.


Mom Notes:

Great for story time with little ones Toddler+

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