Giveaway Policy


Info for the public:

Please read the giveaway information for EACH giveaway carefully. Some giveaways are US ONLY, some are international. Additionally – some giveaways I ship out myself, and some ship direct from the publisher. It is important you read the information closely so that you will know if you are eligible or not and you will know where your package is coming from!

Giveaways will be hosted either here on my blog using RAFFLECOPTER, or on GOODREADS. Please read each giveaway post carefully to see where/how you should be entering!

For giveaways hosted here on
Winners will be chosen within 7 days of the closing date of the giveaway. Winners will be emailed to confirm delivery address. If the winner does not reply within 72 hours of the contact email, another winner will be chosen.

Even though I do not accept ebooks for review, I have decided to offer a few giveaways in digital form. In the past, I have always turned this option down when offered to me, but I have decided to accept a few digital copies. This will NOT be an all the time thing. These books will be sent to me for giveaways by the authors or publishers and I will only be accepting a limited amount of them. My giveaways will still primarily be for PAPER copies. Simply because I, myself, prefer paper not digital. But I do realize having to stay US ONLY due to shipping prices is a pain, so if I start doing some digital copies too – then my overseas friends can finally join in!

Please understand that I can not afford to do giveaways INTERNATIONAL for paper copies. Authors/publishers don’t send reviewers money to ship these books out to the winners, we pay for that out of our own pockets. So we (book bloggers) actually lose money by hosting giveaways. I can’t afford to send a book overseas. I just can’t. I understand it kind of sucks, but I am not paid to do this. I hope you understand. Any giveaways that I list as international, will be shipping from the author or publisher, not from me.

Info for authors and publishers:

In the past I have always required that giveaway copies be sent to me in advance. I am no longer requiring this. If you would like me to host a giveaway, I would need a copy sent to me for ME to read/review/show off in photos and videos – and then once the winner is chosen I will send you the address for you to ship out the prize. This not only saves on shipping costs but it also allows for signed books to be personalized, etc. If you would like for me to handle the shipping part too, that’s still fine! Go ahead and ship me both books (my copy and the giveaway copy). I’m just trying to streamline the process and make it easier for signing etc etc. Which ever way you prefer is fine with me.

Giveaway books can be sent to me without contacting me first. My shipping address is on my REVIEW POLICY page. Just include a note stating that you are sending a giveaway copy and include any notes, like release dates etc. Please be aware that if you are sending me both copies (the giveaway copy + my review copy), then the giveaway will have to be held when I can AFFORD it, since I am actually out my own money for shipping on this type of giveaway. If you are sending me a copy for review PLUS wanting me to do a giveaway but YOU are handling shipping the giveaway book – then I can schedule the giveaway for when ever you like, because you would then be handling the shipping costs. Don’t send me ONE BOOK and expect me to do a giveaway and ship that copy out. If you want me to handle shipping to the winner, you need to send TWO COPIES of the book. Make sense?

I have also decided to accept a very limited amount of digital books for giveaway. At this time, I am limiting this option to either TRADITIONALLY PUBLISHED BOOKS and INDIE BOOKS I HAVE READ/ENJOYED. If you would like me to host a digital giveaway, you will still need to send me a hardcopy of the book (unless I already own it). I know it sounds greedy, but I will not host a giveaway for a book…if I can’t have one too. *stomps feet like a two year old* =D

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