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Last night I snuck off with my bff after dinner and headed to the movies.  Something we haven’t done in FOREVER.  We had both seen the trailer for Priest and were dying to see it.  So we ditched the kids with my Mr and headed off for some theatrical excitement.  =D

We got our tickets, and the bff got her popcorn (which she later dumped in her purse, haha), and the little usher guy that shows you to your theater THANKED us for picking something different.  I guess everyone else was there to see Bridesmaids.  *shrugs*  We entered a completely empty theater and I thought this was going to be awesome!  I LOVE having the theater to myself because then I can TALK and not have to whisper!  A couple came in right as the previews started, so there went that idea.  LOL.

I think I look forward to the extended upcoming trailers before a movie, as much as I look forward to the movie I am there to see.  But can I just say that commercials, regular TV commercials, 5-7 MINUTES worth of regular tv commercials, before the trailers REALLY ticks me off.  Get on with it already, geeze!

Oh, I forgot to mention, since we were the only ones there at first we TOTALLY had the best seats!  Right dab in the MIDDLE of the theater! woohoo!


So here are the wonderful trailers that aired before the movie!  For the first time in a long time, I really think I am getting excited for films again.  Has Hollywood finally had a turn around and started using their creativity?  Lets be real here, the last couple of years we have been trapped in re-make hell!  Anyway, here’s the trailers from last night, followed by a movie “round up”.  I hope you enjoy!


Trailer One:  SUPER 8

Ok, I have watched this thing like 10 times.  WHAT is this movie about?  At first, when I saw the “what ever” beating the crap out of that cargo car to get out – I thought “Is this a new HULK movie?!”  but then they give a few details, and I’m like… no not the Hulk.  But then, the “what ever”, doesn’t it look like the THING from Fantastic Four?  Look at the 2:00 mark in the trailer.  Super=Fantastic, 8=4 ?  Surely NOT.  I have googled everywhere and all the synopsis for this film are REALLY cryptic so even by reading them you still don’t really know what the movie is about.  I dunno.  The action and explosions in the trailer looked pretty bad ass on the big screen so I think I may have to buy a ticket.  Matinee probably, because I am not paying $10 for a movie I don’t know what it’s about. LOL…


Trailer Two: Straw Dogs (yes, it’s a remake *sad face*)



Ok, when this one came on, I made the “eww” face.  Seriously, how many houses in the middle of no where being invaded by hillbilly inbreeds can we possibly be expected to sit through. Remember the Strangers?  But then I saw James Marsden’s beautiful face (and in my mind he began to sing “I’ve…been dreaming… of a true loves kiss…”) and suddenly I was interested.

And then there he was.  Eric Northman.  Right there in hillbilly heaven. 

Oh, Alex, how I love thee.  Unfortunately no matter what movie you are in, Alex my love, you will always be Eric – pretending to be someone else.  Oh how you make my lady bits all tingley.

Needless to say, from about :56 until the end of the trailer my eyes were glued to the screen.  I didn’t even care what the movie is about.

I noticed on the interwebs that Dominic Purcell is also in this movie.  And Walton Goggins (BOYD!!!!) Are you kidding me? oh my word, my Mr. better not “have a headache” the day I go see this movie.  “I got a feelin’… its going to be a good good night… woooohoooo….”  LOL



When I first saw this trailer on TV a few months back, I thought “Holy CRAP!  MUST.GO.SEE.”  I mean, huge battle scenes filmed in that stop frame action like the 300.  Are you kidding me, yay!  And then I hear Mickey Rourke.   Oh my!  And then… an THEN… I looked on the interwebs and see that Kellan Lutz and Stephen Dorff (with his fine self) are in it too.  Are you kidding me? 

So let me see if I got this straight…

Action + hot ness + loin cloths = drool…………   hehe, I just wanted to say “loin clothes”.  It makes me giggle.

Seriously, I am going to be center theater for this one.  I missed 300 when it was at the movies, and when I saw how it was filmed –AT HOME- I regretted not going for the BIG screen.  I will be there! 




ok, I am totally whipping out my nerd card on this one.  I *heart* Star Trek, LoTR, HELL BOY!, and yes even XMen. I am a card carrying member of the nerd tribe, and there is just no way I can deny it.  LOL.


and now… for the show!

My night out with Priest

… trailers roll.
……friend spills popcorn in our purses.
………movie starts and… *GASP*

This movie was AWESOME.  Tons of action, tons of gore, did I mention tons of action?

I loved that the beginning of this movie is like a cartoon montage “history lesson” on vampires and humans.  Totally made me nerd squee squee that they acknowledged the comic books it’s based on. My friend was making them “hmmmmm…” face so I leaned over and said “This is based on some korean comic book, its awesome they added this bit.”   She then made the “who gives a *bleep*” face.  WTH?!  How are we even friends?  See if I ever drop some of my awesome nerd knowledge on HER again. Phew.  SOME PEOPLE!

I had to laugh because at the start of the movie, the movie movie, none other than BILL COMPTON is washin’ his hands in a wash basin.  So, Eric was in a trailer before the movie and Bill is in it?  What kind of alternate universe is THIS?!  I started to lean over and tell my friend, but you know what – screw her.  She wouldn’t have appreciated that info anyway. *roll eyes*

Now this is going to get a little confusing, so try to follow along.

So Vampire Bill’s, err… Owen’s wife gets killed and his daughter gets kidnapped by a hoard of vampires. 

The vampires in this movie are these creatures that do not have eyes, because … as we are told later on by my extremely sexy Karl Urban (yes, he IS mine! Now shuddup and listen!) “Eyes are the windows to the soul” so vampires are obviously soulless creatures, because… they have no eyes. DUH.  That totally makes sense, especially when you are being told it by Eomer! (yes, I know.  Putting away my nerd card now.)

So, the Priest – Paul Bettany (whom I LOVE!, and he will always be bare assed Geoffrey Chaucer.  I don’t care WHAT movie he is pretending to be in!) gets a visit from this crazy hot sheriff (ooo.. I’ve been a very bad girl Mr Po Po…  I think you need to FRISK me… rawr!) played by Cam Gigandet.  And at this point I totally hunched down in my seat a little because I felt like one of those pervs who hits the theater for a little alone ‘special time’.  Thinking Cam is hot totally makes me be a Cougar, with a nerd card.  Anyway, anyway, what was I saying? 

Oh yea.

So this sheriff shows up and tells the PRIEST that his niece (Bill’s, errr… Owen’s daughter) has been kidnapped by some extremely nasty nasties and he really needs his help!  *insert Cam’s sad puppy eyes, and consequently my drool, here*

Oh, FYI – the daughter is also going to be CLARY in the Mortal Instruments movie!  SHUT UP! woooo!

So the entire movie is basically the Priest and the Sheriff, kickin some vamp ass and trying to get this girl back.

We learn some things, see some things, and if you are me… throw up a little in your mouth when they cut off a chickens head full on right in the camera. *gag*  I swear I don’t think I will eat chicken again for a month! GROSS!

More ass kicking.  Amazing effects.  Extreme hotness.  Did I mention my Karl was in this movie? Sweaty?  Muscles bulging, begging to be released from the constraints of those extra tight and *prrrrrr* dirty clothes. RAWRRRRRRRRRRR!  Oh wait, what?  What was I talking about? OH OH…

So yea, there is some fighting, Some explosions.  Someone wins.  Someone loses.  And I left the theater seriously needing a smoke!  LOL!!!!!!!!


Thank ya, thank ya very much…

*takes a bow*

No really, no need for applause.  Please, please.  Sit down.  Really. Stop.  *blushing*


Yea, Im in a pretty good mood today.  Hormones and husband can do that for ya!

Have a great week friends!

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