Promise of Wolves by Dorothy Hearst


Promise of the Wolves: A Novel (Wolf Chronicles) by Dorothy Hearst


The first title in The Wolf Chronicles trilogy brings the imaginative storytelling of a fantasy adventure to years of research on a species that has been revered as mysterious symbols of nature lost. • Fantastical plot based on science: Inspired by the theory that it was wolves, and later dogs, that made humans the dominant species on earth by teaching mankind to hunt cooperatively and form complex societies, The Wolf Chronicles begins 14,000 years ago with Promise of the Wolves. It is engagingly told from the point of view of lovable Kaala—an outcast young wolf who has been charged with watching over humans in order to prevent them from losing touch with nature and thus destroying the world. • An international sensation with tremendous commercial appeal: Hearst’s tale has generated exceptional international interest, with rights sold in more than ten countries. Fans are eager to hear more from Kaala and her pack about their vivid, elaborate world of mythology, peril, and adventure.



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