Seafoam by Mark Henry

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By: Mark Henry

Released On: 2013-03-17

Pages: 21
Genre: Short Story / Fantasy

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Format of Review Copy: ecopy
Source: ARC

Recommendable for people who enjoy: Sarcasm. Think “Twilight Zone”. Open-mouthed smile

Synopsis (from Amazon):
Jeremy, an infamous foot fetishist doomed to the quirkiest 12-step group ever, falls off the wagon spectacularly when he meets Beverly. She is a “beneather”, one of an alien species living alongside us after rising from the depths of the ocean. She is perfect for Jeremy. Smart. Beautiful. Great feet. But does Beverly’s reciprocation smack of a sinister and slimy secret? Will Jeremy’s probation officer revoke his freedom before he meets a bitter, sweaty end? And more importantly, did someone remember to bring donuts and coffee to the 12-step group?

In this short tale of aliens, foot fetishism and life choices gone horribly awry, Mark Henry returns to his roots, stirring up comedy and horror, muddling in a little sex and serving it up ice cold.


My Thoughts:

Hey guys, so this is a short story, so this review isn’t going to be to in depth.

This was a quick fun little read. It really reminded me of the old school Twilight Zone episodes, where you knew “something” was up but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. Until the end. ha.

Its about a guy with a foot fetish. Quirky, right?

Good stuff.

I say pick this up if you’re looking for something you can read in under an hour and into the off beat, Twilight Zone-y kind of stuff.

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