Spiderwick Chronicles 1 – The Field Guide

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The Field Guide (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1)

By: Holly Black

Published by: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Released On: 2003-05

ISBN: 0689859368
Pages: 128
Genre: Childrens

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Format of Review Copy: hardcover
Source:  purchased

Recommendable for people who enjoy:  childrens, adventure, fairy

Synopsis (from blackholly.com):
Things at the Spiderwick estate are getting completely out of hand. If being attacked by a band of marauding goblins and almost eaten by a bridge troll wasn’t enough, how Jared is being harassed by Thimbletack, the house boggart, and Simon has a very hungry griffin recuperating in the carriage house. Mallory is convinced that the only way to stop the madness is to chuck the Guide. But that’s not an option. With all kinds of creatures after them, the Guide is the only protection the Grace kids have. If they could just figure out why all of Faerie wants the Guide. Only one person can help solve this mystery–their crazy old Aunt Lucinda


My Thoughts:

This is the first books in the Spiderwick Chronicles series.  The series is 5 chapter books, all containing around 125 pages.  They are heavily illustrated so I would estimate the books actually only contain about 100 pages of text (if that).  They are super quick reads, and I think would be a great way to get those younger (and reluctant) readers – interested in the art of stories. 

In this book, we meet the Grace children and their mother.  Due to their parent’s divorce, the kids and their mom go to live in their great Aunt Lucinda’s home.  Once in they arrive they find a strange room, a strange book, and best of all a strange being!


In Conclusion:

I loved this book.  I thought it was well written and entertaining (which, I think, is an accomplishment.   Considering this was written for children and yet it still managed to keep me – a grown up -  turning the pages)  The story is dark yet fun and the illustrations are perfect!  (Think Lemony Snicket, but with fairies and hobgoblins!)

Mom Notes:

Recommend for grades 3 and up.  The series might be a little scary for younger children.

Fun Stuff:
Visit http://www.spiderwickchronicles.com/ for wallpapers, signatures, and tons of interactive content!

Fun downloads, print outs, and activity sheets can be found HERE.  Fun stuff for teachers can be found HERE

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