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Felix J Palma

Book Haul – Thrifty finds + Outtakes

Another book haul, you guys!  This one is thrifty finds!  I swear we’re almost caught up! Only a few more to go. I know, I know… you thought I was kidding when I said I had a few book hauls coming up…or you thought I meant one or two… ummmm…. …

Book Haul

Book Haul / In my Mailbox September 24 2012

Its time for another book haul! This haul I mention books from: Ann Aguirre,Micheal Morris,Lisa McMann,Felix J Palma,Teresa R. Andrews,Marta Stahlfeld,Jennifer L. Armentrout,Angela J Townsend, and Joan Vernikos

Map of the Sky by Felix J Palma

Book of the Day: Map of the Sky

Happy Wednesday! Humpday – whoot! Last week I was sent 2 series I had listed on my wishlist, to review! So exciting. Not only were they from my wishlist, so I already WANTED them… they are AUDIO BOOKS which I have been dying to try! Anything to keep me on …

Map of Time by Felix J Palma

Book of the Day: The Map Of Time

Tuesday? Already? Man this week is blowing by too fast. This past week I was sent several audio books for review and they were all wonderful books off my wishlist! I have been in love with this ones cover since the moment I saw it!! I can’t wait to give …

Wishlist Update Sept 5, 2012

Its time for another Wishlist post! I love Wednesday! I get to look through my wishlist and not feel the least bit guilty about "wanting" so much stuff. See, I want it…for you guys! Yeah, yeah. That’s it. My wishlist is all for you! haha! Here’s the newest books to …