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Bunnys Weekly List of upcoming book releases

Fiction Book Releases, February 2014 (Horror, Fantasy, Scifi)

Here is this month’s big list of FICTION BOOK Releases, guys! This month has books from:Tania Carver,Glen Duncan,Caitlin R. Kiernan,Evangeline Walton,M. D. Waters,Elizabeth Blackwell,Nick Cutter,George R.R. Martin,Jennifer McMahon,Jeremy Robinson,Erica Spindler,Jonathan Janz,Steven Gould,John Connolly,Greg Cox,Harlan Coben,Steve Rasnic Tem,Lynn Viehl,Sabine Durrant,Scott Nicholson,Michael Wallace,Jeff Wheeler,Robin Cook, and Jim Algie!

Book of the Day: Inherit the Dead

I was sent a copy of Inherit the Dead: A Novel by Lee Child!  This thing looks so exciting!  If you like thrillers/mysteries, make sure you check it out!  Fitting for Halloween, right? Inherit the Dead: A Novel by Lee Child Release Date: 2013-10-08 TWENTY THRILLING WRITERS. ONE CHILLING MYSTERY.More …

Upcoming Releases – October 2013

Here’s a list of the books I found coming out in October 2013! This month’s releases feature books by: Catherine Thimmesh, Rosie Best, Jon Skovron, Deron R. Hicks, Mary Gray, Steve Jenkins, Nathan Kotecki, Ann Aguirre, Kami Garcia , Carol Goodman, Tone Almhjell, Richard Kadrey, Bentley Little, J. Lincoln Fenn, Richard L. Hatin, Anne Rice, Robert Kirkman, Christopher Buehlman, Chuck Palahniuk, Lucy Christopher, Tina Connolly, Jamie McGuire, Alexandra Bracken, Veronica Roth, Rick Riordan, Scott Lynch, John Connolly, Amelia Kahaney, Josin L. McQuein

Upcoming Releases: Jan 2013 – the Wishlist!

Ok, last post for January Releases, I promise! This list is books that are randoms from my wishlist, that are coming out this month (or books previously on my wishlist, that I have gotten already!) Some of these may be on other lists, I just wanted to call special attention …