Freakshow by Bryan Smith


The Freakshow

By: Bryan Smith

Published by: Leisure Books

Genre: Pages: 324

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Recommendable for people who:
like bizarro, splatterpunk, horror

Synopsis {from the back cover}:

The Flaherty Brothers Traveling Carnivale and Freakshow has rolled into Pleasant Hills, Tennessee, and the quiet little town will never be the same. In fact, much of the town won’t survive. At first glance, the freakshow looks like so many others–lurid, rundown, decrepit. But this freakshow is definitely one of a kind…

The townspeople can’t resist the lure of the tawdry spectacle, though it isn’t mere morbid curiosity that draws them into the freakshow’s inescapable web. What waits for them behind this curtain are hardly the usual performers and tricks. The main attractions are living nightmares, the acts center on torture and slaughter…and the stars of the show are the unsuspecting customers themselves.

My Thoughts:

This book only took me abt 3 days to read.  A friend of mine over on Goodreads recommended this one for me. 

I really liked it, but I have to warn you its weird.  Its bad (in a good way).  Its gory.  Its naughty too!  haha.  I don’t want to include too many details in this review.  Spoilers and all that, but I will tell you that it was interesting from page one and it just kept picking up pace and getting weirder and weirder!  At one point while reading I remember giggling out loud and then looking around all embarrassed.  A grown up, giggling at the naughty bits.  It was pretty funny. 

The story follows two main characters so it’s almost like reading two versions of the same novel.  The plot line is pretty simple & creepy: traveling carnival – murders ensue.  I hadn’t read a horror book that felt like reading porn before.  This one kind of felt like porn.  There was sex.  Not love making sex, I mean blatant – I need to fill a few pages – sex.  Scary clowns, stilts, 2 headed beauty queens, and lots and lots of gore make up this novel.  This was my first foray into the “splatterpunk” genre.  I think I liked it.  BUT, I felt like I was sneaking porn. haha…

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