the Gift Giver by Jennifer Hawkins

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The Gift Giver: A True Story

By: Jennifer Hawkins

Published by: Emerald Book Company
Released On: 2011-06-01

ISBN: 1934572802
Pages: 264
Genre: Non-Fiction, Spiritual, Memoir

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Format of Review Copy: paperback
Source:  author

Recommendable for people who enjoy:
spiritual or self help/healing type memoirs

Synopsis (from Amazon):
The sudden loss of her husband empowers a young widow to open herself to a path of true acceptance. An accomplished athlete, businesswoman, and mother, author Jennifer Hawkins believes she has everything, until one morning she wakes up to find her husband’s lifeless body lying in their bed. Shaken to the core of her being, Jennifer struggles to put her shattered world back together, rebalancing relationships with friends, family, and her own children as she comes to grips with the vacuum created by the loss of her husband. Jennifer teeters on the brink of despair, until she hears a voice–a voice she never thought she would hear again. It is the voice of her husband, who in six simple words tells her of the tragedy that would have occurred had he stayed–how his leaving saved a life, one whose loss would have had ripple effects that were inconceivable. Few memoirs deliver such an inspirational message of loss and redemption, of sorrow, mercy, and reawakening. Jennifer’s story proves that love never dies. It only becomes more powerful as it bridges the gap between our world and the vast, nurturing universe that lies beyond.


the Gift Giver by Jennifer Hawkins

My Thoughts:

Before I start out let me just say that I have always had a hard time reviewing non-fiction work.  I am not sure why, but something about it not being “made up” makes it hard for me to form opinions on it.  I mean, it HAPPENED.  So, there ya go.  LOL.  

With that being said: a little warning on this book.

This book is sold as a non-fiction, true story, memoir.  It is about a woman who loses her husband, and after his death hears his voice and continues to have conversations with him post mortem – which helps her deal with the aftermath of losing a spouse. 

If you don’t believe in that type of thing and/or you are not open to the possibility of that, you probably shouldn’t read this book.  It is not for you.

If you are open to the possibility of that, then DO read this book.  It is beautiful.  It is heart breaking.  It is a blessing, and it is amazing.  In truth, I think I started crying around page 20 and didn’t stop until the end of the book (you can read my status updates on goodreads HERE). 

The Gift Giver: A True Story by Jennifer Hawkins is very well written, and the story just flows.  I, the reader, felt like I knew these people.  I wanted to be there for them, hug them, and see them get through this hardship.  I thought it was very inspirational.  In the end, it shows that through even the worst of circumstances – there will always be hope.  Hope that even the “bad things” that happen have reason.  Hope that those we care about know how much we love them.  Hope that the things we do (and don’t do)…matter.

In Conclusion:

I thought this was an excellent read, but be warned…you WILL need kleenex.

Gift Giver, autographed by Jennifer Hawkins

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