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Over on my book blog, I do a lot of videos and upload to the youtubes.  Of course I want to put out the best content I can, so for a while I have been looking to upgrade from the FREE windows movie maker.  I think every one starts out with movie maker, and it does an ok job – but eventually you want to do more and more with your videos and that is when it is time to look into purchasing something with more features.   Since the software I wanted was almost $700 and their full suite was like $1100 – I decided to try some trials of other companies to see if I could find something comparable and cheaper. 

This is one of the programs I found, and its what I have been using for the last week or two.  I have only scratched the surface in it, and LOVE it.  So here is my review/overview of the TrakAxPC software ( 

I found TrakAxPC to be very user friendly.  The tracks and tools are “What You See is What You Get” meaning where you cut or add effects is exactly where and how they will be in your finished projects. Drag and drop friendly is a feature that makes the software almost “idiot proof”.  In my opinion, even beginners will be able to quickly figure out the software and begin making professional quality videos.

The software has full text (credits/intros etc) capabilities

screencap courtesy of TrakAxPC

TrakAxPc comes with several transition effects as well as more advanced audio and video effects…

screencap courtesy of TrakAxPC

and then there is the editing and trim tools.  I seriously have to cut out at least 20 “uhmmmm”s from every video.  It’s hard to do a clean cut on most software because the word “uhm” is not particularly a long word.  With TrakAxPc , they have actually included almost like a VISUAL trimmer.  You not only can see the audio track, but you can also so the trim segment and slide the ends to adjust it accordingly before cutting.  This tool makes getting seamless cuts so EASY!!  This is by FAR my favorite feature of this program!

screencap courtesy of TrakAxPC

The other BIGGIE this software can do that most can’t is the PiP (picture in picture).  This is almost a MUST HAVE for what I use the software for – book vlogging. 

Video Editing Software Review- TrakAxPC - YouTube

TrakAxPC doesn’t just do picture inserts  – but you can also do VIDEO inserts!  You can also add effects to either the main video or JUST the insert, which is AWESOME!

I have tested this software on both my laptop (which is VISTA) and my desktop (which is XP) and have not ran into any RAM issues, which is surprising since my desktop has a problem with most video editors. 

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this software.  Well, I guess I can, I mean… you’re here reading it. Right? haha.  Huge HUGE thanks to Lindsay Mead (aka thebookvlogger) for telling me about this software.  I had never heard of it before, and it hadn’t turned up on any of my google searches – so without her “word of mouth” I never would have found it.  So… THANK YOU LINDSAY!!!

I would also like to thank Catriona over at TrakAxPC, for allowing me to test and review their software.  I absolutely love it, and can’t wait to see what features they add for the next upgrade (crossing my fingers for un-docked pallets! haha)

For more information on this software check out these links:

TrakAx on Facebook



FCC NOTICE:  This software was provided to me for review, but the opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.  I was not paid to say I liked it.

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