what a stinkin week

oh my gosh. This week has just blown chunks, let me tell ya.

First, we had a big rain and my downstairs flooded.  The next night…my washing machine sprang a leak…and the downstairs flooded.  Yesterday, the rain returned… seeing a trend here? Yeah, the downstairs flooded.

So the first night the house flooded, it wasn’t that bad but bad enough I had to spend an afternoon shampooing carpets and doing laundry.  Mr C finally, found the general area where the water was coming in.



Later that night, while I was washing towels and other things that got soaked in this floodout, my washer started leaking.  Water was runniing everywhere from behind the washer, and of course I can’t get back there to see what the crap is going on!

When I woke up the next morning… MrC, who said he was going to work on the washer….  had ripped out two walls and my bathroom sink.  I should point out here, that my sink…NOT near the washer…


What the hell?!  So he has all this stuff cut out, strung out, and thennn… NOTHING.  Just leaves it layin there like its going to fix itself….

The next morning, I awoke to the sounds of drills and hammers and…. thought to myself. This can’t be good.  It wasn’t.


Someone, ahem..MR C, decided since he was aggravated at the washer – he should take a break from that and work on something else. Like trying to fix the leak in the wall…  To fix the leak in the wall…


apparently he had to remove the door from the front of the house…


WTF?! OMG I was so mad.  We don’t have any extra money right now for this fool to be ripping the door off my house.  I have changed Mr C’s name to Tim the toolman Taylor.  (amongst other less-family friendly names. Believe you me….)

Well, literally after an entire day of them working to replace the door…  OH wait. THEY.. yes, I forgot to mention he had to call his friend over because after he got the door off the house… he realized he had no idea what he was doing so he had to call Woody. (Yes, even my Tim the Toolman has his very own AL to come and save the day….)

So literally around 7ish, we have the door back installed, exactly as it was before as far as I can tell… only now needing trim and has to be repainted because it looks ghetto as shit oh! AND the floor is missing…


so they get the door back on, Al errr Woody goes back home and then the rain comes.  Hard, heavy, unrelenting, burst of water…  

Then guess what happened.  Yeah, not only was the wall leaking but all around this door was leaking too…  Waterfall.  Inside my house.  *SADFACE*


so yeah, pretty much… my week has sucked big hairy donkey balls.  How bout it, how has your week been?  Bet it was better than mine.  Guess I’ll go shampoo some more carpets.  *sigh*


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