Little Red Riding Hood. Into the Forest Again by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

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Little Red Riding Hood. Into the Forest Again

By: Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

Published by: Essemkay Company Productions
Released On: 2011-03-28

ISBN: 0615445977

Genre: childrens
Pages: 70

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Recommendable for people who:
have smaller children, or are fans of fairy tales and fairy tale retellings. 🙂

Synopsis (from Amazon):
When Little Red sets out to bring a cake to Grandmother’s house, she promises the mirror on her wall that she won’t talk to strangers. But as the shadows of the forest press around her, she finds that keeping that promise is hard to do. After all, safety is found in numbers, isn’t it? That depends on what happens when Little Red meets the biggest shadow of all.

My Thoughts:

Bug received this lovely title for review a month or two ago.   She read it in less than an hour, and liked it. However, and this is a parenting fail, I can’t get her to sit down and write about it.  Hey, she’s a kid – sometimes it happens. She has discovered a crazy new invention called a “phone” and it seems that THAT is where all her free time is at right now.  PARENTING – FAIL.

I sat down and read it the other day so I could at least give it a mention here on the blog.  I am so appreciative that the author, Mrs. Wenger, took the time to send it to us!

I was pleasantly surprised how cute this book is!  Not only did Mrs Wenger write an entertaining retelling (with an important lesson) but she illustrated it perfectly!  There are the cutest hand drawn sketches through out the book that helped give the story the visual aspect that is so important to younger readers. They are also “line art” type sketches, so I can imagine many a little one would love to give this art work their very own flair with splashes of crayons!

Much like the classic Red Riding Hood, this version has a lesson to be learned and that lesson is “don’t judge a book by its cover” so to speak.  Throughout her journey to Grandmothers house, Red meets a lot of new fun friends.  True to the original, Red gets quite a surprise when she reaches her destination. 

As a mom, I could see reading this to/with say 3 to 6 or 7 year olds.  The story is a little quick read, and I think is sure to entertain.  “Challenge” wise it was definitely under Bug’s reading level.  She is 5th grade reading on 8th grade level, but story wise – she smiled the whole way through so I would say it would be a great pick for like 7 years and under.

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