Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

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Living Dead Girl

By: Elizabeth Scott

Published by: Simon Pulse
ISBN: 1416960600

Genre: fiction
Pages: 176

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Recommendable for people who:
Enjoy drama, thriller, “realistic horror” if that makes sense…

*not for younger teens*

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Awards and Nominations

  • ALA Best Books For Young Adults ,
  • ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers,
  • CCBC Choices (Cooperative Children’s Book Council)
  • Garden State Teen Book Award Nominee (NJ)
  • Iowa High School Book Award Master List
  • IRA Young Adults’ Choices
  • NYPL "Books for the Teen Age"
  • Thumbs Up! Award Master List (MI)

Synopsis (from Simon and Schuster):

Once upon a time, I was a little girl who disappeared.

Once upon a time, my name was not Alice.

Once upon a time, I didn’t know how lucky I was.

When Alice was ten, Ray took her away from her family, her friends — her life. She learned to give up all power, to endure all pain. She waited for the nightmare to be over.

Now Alice is fifteen and Ray still has her, but he speaks more and more of her death. He does not know it is what she longs for. She does not know he has something more terrifying than death in mind for her.

This is Alice’s story. It is one you have never heard, and one you will never, ever forget.

My Thoughts:

This book was so horrible.  And amazing.  It made me cringe.  It made me cry.  It made me want to go get my kid from her field trip and just hold her close and NEVER let her go.  YES.  I made the mistake of reading it, on the same day my baby girl (who is TEN) was on a field trip with her class. *guh*

This book was so “real” and hard to read.  It is written so well, that you forget it’s fiction.  It’s written so well that it HURTS.  My heart hurt for Alice.

I didn’t know if I would recommend Living Dead Girl to anyone.  It’s so raw.  But, then in my mind, I thought you know.  This stuff REALLY happens!  I think that’s why this book evokes such emotion.  It HAPPENS.  I, of all people know this, because when I was little something like this happened in our family. 

I decided I would recommend it.  Fully.  Read it with caution.  Read it with kleenex.  Read it with respect.  But read it.

I read this book in one sitting.  My only update on Goodreads said: "wow. Horrible, horrible story. I’m tired of crying. This book is unforgettable."

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Read an Excerpt  (please note: this book is listed as being for ages 16 and up)

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