Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge (2014)–Day 2: Pros & Cons of Book Blogging

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I’m really enjoying this challenge so far!  Of course, today is only day 2 (of 14), so…… lol

Todays challenge post: Pros & Cons of Book Blogging

Wow! Way to make me sit back and put my thinking cap on!  I’m going to list my CONS first, because those are the negative/stressful parts and I want to wash it all away at the end with the awesome PROS.  That will sort of remind me why the trouble is even worth it.  Ready?


What? Really, I can only come up with THREE?! hmmmm…

  • Time
    I never realized how much time goes into being an effective blogger.  I’m not even talking about the  actual “blogging” part!  There is so much organization and planning that goes on BEHIND THE SCENES.  Not to mention the time it takes to actually sit down and read etc.  Book Blogging is not an easy gig, its definitely not a quick one.
  • “Keeping up with the Joneses” Syndrome!
    Its so easy to get so caught up with how many followers other bloggers have, or why did they get that ARC when I got none, etc.  Its an ugly ugly trap, I tell ya.  I try so hard to not look at that stuff.  I’d be lying if I said I don’t though. I do.  And yeah, it stings a little because I know how much work I put into my site.  You just gotta shake it off and move on.  I remind myself that the people that DO read my blog – care about what *I* have to say, and that means more to me than anything.
  • It is too easy to get overwhelmed
    I look at my TBR of review copies and gasp.  I really fell behind in 2013 because of this stupid divorce, so 2014 is going to the year of catching up!


    Above all else, is the friends I have made from within this community. Alyssa, Ke-sha, Allyn, Kristina, Brad, Lindsay, KC Hilton, Chris, you guys know who you are! IRL, do not have any friends that read. Not really. So having online friends I can “hang out” with, is a big BIG perk for me.  I love sitting down and TALKING books with people!  Not just people, but other BOOK LOVERS (“word nerds”) like me!
  • The books!
    Being a member of the book community has opened my eyes to SO MANY new books.  Not only that, but new genres!  A few years ago, I never would have picked up a YA book! EVER.  Now its my quick “go to” for when I can’t decide!
  • The Pride
    Yep. I know its sinful, but you know what?  I don’t care!  I absolutely LOVE IT when someone txts me and says “Hey, Im looking for a new book. Got any ideas for me” and I tell them…and when they come back and say “OMG that was awesome!”  I’m all like…”yeah, I told you to read that sh*t. How you doin’?” *insert Joey imitation here*  haha.   Seriously, I love the feeling I get knowing Im helping someone ELSE find a great read!
  • The Self Confidence
    Am I weird here, when I say that book blogging has given me self-confidence?  I mean, with this divorce I would have gone back to school anyway, probably… but because I have been book blogging and know so many people out there in “the business”, I had NO DOUBT what I wanted to do after college.  Book blogging gave me the confidence to be direct with my career choice.  Here I am, 40, and starting college in TWO WEEKS! *bites nails*  I am so excited, and scared, and and… AHHHHCCCCKKKK!  ok, I feel better now.  lol.
    Im constantly overwhelmed with the willingness of this community to share their love of books.  From the publicist who work their asses off sending out those ARCs to the other bloggers who not only promote the books on their blogs but SHARE THEM (like our ARC Swap).  Its not just about GETTING the book.  Its about loving it and sharing it so others can love it too!  I am so broke financially (new SAHM here!) I would never be able to afford these books without this community.  I am so grateful and humbled to be a part of this. You guys have no idea!

*GUH* ok, ok. Enough with the sap-fest. That’s it for me. How about you? What are your Pros & Cons of Book Blogging? If you do this challenge make sure to swing by PARAJUNKEE.COM and link up your post on her linky thingy. Let me know down in the comments, too, so I can check it out!

Thanks for stopping by guys.

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