Review Policy

Book Review Policy

last updated: September 27, 2014

at a glance:

Format: NO EBOOKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. The only time ebooks are reviewed on this site is if it is something I have, myself, requested. Please do not email and ask, the answer is NO, I AM NOT INTERESTED, THANK YOU.

Published or Indie: Unfortunately we no longer accept Self Published or Vanity Press titles.

Please Note: We reserve the right to NOT review a book if a) its just not a good match for us or b) and more importantly – if its poorly written/edited! We are too busy to waste time on books that are going to result in a shitz review.


The Specifics:

All reviews offered on this website are unbiased and done without monetary compensation (that means FREE!).

Our Reviews Include


Sending me a book, does not guarantee a review.

It does guarantee the book listed as a FEATURED BOOK OF THE DAY, but it does NOT guarantee a review.  Getting a review does not automatically mean it will be a good review, either!  Additionally, I reserve the right to not publicly review works if I find them to be un-readable, inappropriate, or unfinished.

When I do write a review, I do not write a “standardized” review. I’m a blogger, not a professional reviewer. My reviews are more a “My thoughts on this book” type posting. I also try to include information for parents, like if the book contains language, lexile level, etc.

I write and post reviews because I love reading. It is my hobby not my “day job”. I do not use a “star” rating on my reviews (that’s too much like grading it). I also try not to give a “bad” review. If a book is that bad, rather then post the review for it, I just mark it as DNF and move on to the next title.

Honestly, when I read, I just want to be entertained. I love to tell my friends when I have found something that does that. That’s what this whole “We Are Word Nerds” blog is about.

I am willing to review established authors as well as debut authors. Unfortunately we no longer accept Self Published titles.  Both ARCs and finished copies are welcomed.

*We will consider indie books from authors we have worked with in the past, or books recommended to us from aforementioned authors and/or other book bloggers we are associated with.

At this time, I do NOT accept ebooks for review.

I am limiting my review copy reading, to allow a little time for my other reading interests. At the time of this update, I am running on about a 12-14 week lag from receiving the books to getting them read. My TBR is huge. If you are sending me a PRE-RELEASE and would need the review posted before this time period, please contact me BEFORE sending the book. Contacting me in advance will help insure I can fit it in, in time for you.  ALL BOOKS sent to us get a FEATURED BOOK OF THE DAY POST, so they do get the exposure on our site, even if we haven’t reviewed it!

Site Stats:

We passed TWO Million Visitors this year!

WeAreWordNerds (formerly has been online in one form or another since early 2004.

I do not actively manage a subscribership, however I have over 1800 “friends” on facebook and have recently added a “fan page”.

WeAreWordNerds (formerly receives approximately 15,000 viewers a month (4000 UNIQUE), and 175,000 hits per month.

CURRENT STATS (Since Feb 2013)
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We passed 2 MILLION VISITORS this year!

Demographic: Most of my readers are stay at home moms, just like me.

Social Media Stats

I love the interwebs! My social media seems to be the place of interest for all my followers, so everything I do gets sent out over my various MEDIAS. Youtube posts, reviews, goodreads activity, giveaways – it all goes out through all of my networks.

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Who’s Its and What’s Its

All Reviews at

If your book is selected for review, as the owner of this site, I will read your entire book and write a 300-800 word review. The review will be honest and include all relevant information, cover art, and a brief description of the story. My reviews also include what I honestly liked and didn’t like about the book. I may or may not “recommend” the book to my readers, this is entire at my discretion. Most of my reading endeavors also include reading “updates” on (3200+ friends), twitter (3000+ followers) & facebook (1800+ friends), and may or may not be mentioned in a youtube “post”.

If the book is YA or Childrens, I will also try to get my kids to read it and get feedback from them. (She is 13, and he is 18)

All reviews will be posted on this site completely FREE of charge.


What you can expect:

What to Expect from

  • All books sent to us for review, now get a FEATURED SPOT in a “BOOK OF THE DAY” post. This guarantees immediate exposure on our site!
  • All books sent to us for review will be mentioned in the next posted BOOK HAUL video that we post to our youtube channel.
  • All books sent to us for review get added to our library shelves on my Goodreads
  • We will try to read every book sent to us for review. Please keep in mind we get sent several books a week. Our TBR pile is huge, and I can no longer give you an estimate on a review posting date.  (should the book not be a “good fit” for us, rather than force ourselves to finish it, we will DNF it and try to pass it on to a blogger who is a better fit.)
  • In addition to a “review”, every book I read is listed on Goodreads as the CURRENT READ while I am reading it. My reading progress updates + notes/commentary are also broadcast on Goodreads and out via facebook & twitter.


To request a book review:

Please email me with “Book Review Request” in your e-mail subject line. Include the following in your e-mail.

Author’s Name

Book Title


The ISBN # (if applicable)

A Brief Synopsis

Author’s Website


Once this information is received, your request will be processed. There is no guarantee that your book will be accepted for review. If I am interested in reading your book you will receive a reply (usually within 5 business days).

We currently accept ARCs and finished copies. I do NOT accept e-books of any type for review.

We are not interested in “Adult Fiction: Romance”.

If the book is part of an on going series, I do require the prior releases to also be sent. This will help me to “get to know” the series, instead of just jumping in cold.

Giveaway copies are also accepted and appreciated!

Speeding up the process:

If you would like to go ahead and send a copy of your book for review without prior contact

Please address your book to:

Bunny Cates
816 Jefferson Davis Drive
Madisonville, KY 42431

**Books and manuscripts sent for review will NOT be returned!**


We are currently accepting review copies! We are most interested in the following genres, but most genres will be accepted!

  • Bunny: I accept about anything, however: HORROR, THRILLER, and PARANORMAL are what I “like”. YA or GENRE FICTION is fine. You are free to send the book without prior contact. Please be aware that I am really backed up at the moment. I am also limiting my review books so that I can read some of my “want to read” books and book club picks. My reviews are taking a while to get posted.
  • Bug: Is 13 now, yay! She is currently accepting Middle Grade and Younger YA books. She likes COMEDY and MYSTERY. She is NOT interested in “scary” at all. Due to being in middle school this year, Bug is limiting her reviewing. Please be aware sending her a book does not guarantee a review, her school work takes priority. If your book is PUBLISHED and recognized by her school library so she can get reading credit – it will be put in a priority TO BE READ stack.
  • Brand: Is 18 now! He is currently interested in: Manga, Graphic Novels, and Fantasy. He reserves the right to not review it if he is busy with his pre-college prep/testing.
  • OUR FRIENDS: WeAreWordNerds has expanded to include guest reviews from our friends!  If you have something you would like reviewed but it is not listed on our CURRENTLY ACCEPTING section, just EMAIL ME!

We will read about anything, but please. No “Romance” type books.

We’re proud to have worked with the following publishers:

We're proud to have worked with these amazing publishers!


If you have any questions about anything feel free to email me. Thank you so much to all my readers, and thank you to all the authors and publishers who allow me to “do what I do”.