Book of the Day: Ad Nauseam

Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!  Look what I found in my mailbox today:  Ad Nauseam by C. W. LaSart

As soon as I saw the cover, I knew I HAD to have it!



and! ITS SIGNED!  *squeeeeee*


I love that I am starting to see horror books pop up again.  There for a while, like NOTHING scary was getting released. So this…THIS…makes me happy!  =D

Ad Nauseam

by C. W. LaSart


Ad Nauseam

Exotic, Erotic, Gruesome and Gory! What if your Muse really was a twisted bitch, and she lived in your spare bedroom? And how far would you go to improve your station in life?

In this premiere collection by C.W. LaSart, you will find 13 gruesome tales of the macabre, from a simpleton who forms an unnatural obsession with his own backyard to a lonely woman whose suitor is not heaven-sent. These stories, ranging from the supernatural to the darkness that lives within the human heart, are sure to send a chill down your spine and a flush to your face.

Certain to disturb and delight, Ad Nauseam is a walk through the twisted imagination of one of horror’s rising stars.

**C.W. LaSart is one of 3 winners of the Cemetery Dance Amateur Writing Contest in 2011

Big Thanks to CW LaSart for sending me a copy of this book!!

AND as always, big thanks to you for popping by to see what I was rambling on about. LOL

Hope you have a great weekend.

Just a reminder, I usually post pics of the books I get right as I get them on to my facebook page so make sure to click over and LIKE the page – then you’ll see what books I get as I get them instead of waiting till I do a “book haul” video. I’ll still do haul videos every couple of weeks, too. So… yeah. All righty then.

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