Demon Days by Richard Finney

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Demon Days

By: Richard Finney

Published by: Ape Entertainment
Released On: 2009-12-01

ISBN: 1934944769
Pages: 196
Genre: thriller

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Format of Review Copy: paperback
Source: review copy

Recommendable for people who enjoy: enjoy thrillers, mystery, suspense, religious themed fiction (Armageddon etc..)

Synopsis (from Amazon):

Brace yourself for a harrowing journey of thrilling suspense as tragic, unexplainable events seem to point to a deadly future for the world.

While on vacation, journalist Sandy Travis and her fiancé, Tom, are in a horrendous helicopter accident. Tom is seriously injured and has an N.D.E. — a near-death experience. After Tom is revived, he tells Sandy that he’s spoken to God. As it turns out… Tom is wrong. Horribly wrong.
Now Sandy is in a dangerous race to save her fiancé from dark forces that want to control his every action. She must follow a trail of coded secrets and targeted assassinations if she is to unveil the otherworldly cabal that uses the process of N.D.E. to orchestrate Armageddon.

Demon Days is a spellbinding tale of puzzles, prophecy and possession that will make you think twice about the world we live in. And the climax will leave you gasping for air.


My Thoughts:

I was actually sent the second book DEMON DAYS – Angel of Light by Richard Finney & DL Snell for review and since this was a prequel (or the start) of the story the authors were kind enough to include it for me.  I have not read the second book yet.  This review is of Demon Days by Richard Finney & DL Snell.

World Building – This story  takes place in modern times, and in various locations around the world.  It is the “real world” so there is not a lot of “world building” needed to get the jist of where we are.

The book starts out in Har Megiddo, and then jumps to the main characters in New York and follows them to various locations such as Hawaii. 

Characters – The main characters in this story are:

Father Olsen is a priest who gains the knowledge that the “end of days” is coming. 

Sandy Travis is a reporter in New York.  Unlike most “vanity” reporters, Sandy “hard nosed” and is interested in bringing the hard hitting stories. 

Tom Hanson is a struggling artist who has just landed his first gallery exhibit.  He is also Sandy’s fiance.

Plot – As the synopsis states, this book is primarily about Sandy and Tom.  Tom has a “near death” experience and afterwards is just not the same.  Sandy, who is friends with a Father Olsen, notices the changes and begins to wonder if the changes in Tom’s behavior is more then just a coincidence with the events the Father has related to her.

What the synopsis doesn’t tell you, and I wont either because I refuse to SPOIL it for you, are the moments in which I sat on the edge of my seat biting my nails while reading – stopping only long enough to turn the page.  There is a church “scene”, in particular, that had me reading with my mouth hanging open (and then I abruptly closed it!).

In Conclusion:

I enjoyed Demon Days, a lot.  Like I said on my goodreads updates, this book reminded me of Constantine + End of Days + the Prophecy movies, all rolled into one tiny book.  Would definitely recommend, especially if you like the afore mentioned movies.  I am looking forward in picking up the second book DEMON DAYS – Angel of Light by Richard Finney & DL Snell.

Mom Notes:

Contains violence

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