FridayReads–Feb 13, 2015–The Island of Dr Moreau by HG Wells

Happy Friday, guys! Time for another #FridayReads…

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This weekend, I’ll be reading one of the bargain books I picked up for TEN CENTS this past week! The Island of Dr. Moreau (Classic) by H.G. Wells

I am still reading REVIVAL by Stephen King, but it was really dragging for me so I sat it down to give it a break. I’ll pick it back up later and hopefully will be able to get into it.

The Island of Dr. Moreau (Classic) by H.G. Wells

Release Date: 1977-06-07

On a lonely island in the Pacific, the victims of a shipwreck wash ashore. They find a land like no other–a private empire populated by grotesque human-like creatures and ruled by a sinister scientist. A classic tale of horror–even more relevant in an era of genetic manipulation.




So how bout it, what are YOU reading this weekend?

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