Its meh birf-day!

Hey guys! So today I am another year older, and I’ll be damned if I don’t feel it too. haha… I just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes. I appreciate you guys more than you will ever know.

We are really tight on funds this year, so my birthday gifts for myself consists of my hubs cooking me dinner. I am missing having extra funds to load up on my wishlist, since my birthday is normally when I hit the list. You guys are making me not mind so much, thank you so much for all the wishes. Each and everyone put a smile on my face. And for those of you that sent gifts. You didn’t have to, but I love them. You guys, my book-type-people…are awesome.

Am going to pop my birthday unboxing video on here, in case you missed it. This is the packages from my internet bestie, KC Hilton. I have been trying to finish off my Stephen King collection forever, and this year my bestie helped me out with that for my birthday. BEST.GIFT(s).EVER =D

Bunny with Nightmares in the Sky by Stephen King Bunny with Stephen Kings the CASTLEROCK newsletter, 1st editions! Bunny with more Stephen King books! Bunny with Stephen Kings The Tommyknockers and Danse Macabre Bunny with more Stephen King 1st editions!

Here is an updated shot of them on my shelves. OMGosh, I *heart* them so much…


I also have the ebook Mile 81 (Kindle Single) and the ebook and audio of In the Tall Grass , even though I’m not a fan of the ebook thing…

The only thing I am missing now is Roadwork and Creepshow . I know I don’t have anything that was put out as a graphic novel. I’m just not into those, and don’t see myself collecting them anytime soon.

Anyhoo, thank you all for all the Birthday Wishes, means so much that you cared enough to say it.


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