Magic of Finkleton

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The Magic of Finkleton

By: K. C. Hilton

Published by: CreateSpace
Released On: 2011-04-26

ISBN: 1456570293

Genre: Childrens Middle Grade Fiction

Pages: 190

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Author’s Twitter:!/kchilton1

Recommendable for people who:
Enjoy magical children’s books. =D


Synopsis (from Amazon):
Most folks say, "Mother Nature controls the rain". However this is not the case in the village of Finkleton. In the perfect little village of Finkleton, the weather is always perfect. Every farm grows the best, biggest, healthiest crops in the entire world, and everyone is happy. Soon after the Finkles inherit their Uncle Harry’s shop and move to Finkleton, they discover magical secrets hidden in his shop. One clue at a time, Jack, Lizzy and Robert learn the town’s amazing secret. No, Mother Nature is not in charge in Finkleton! Ever since Uncle Harry’s death, the weather has not been cooperating. Farms are starting to fail. Will the Finkle children be able to solve all the magical mysteries before the village is destroyed? Come along to Finkleton. A very special, magical adventure is about to begin!

My Thoughts:


I was sent a copy of this book from the author.  She, like us, is from Kentucky so I couldn’t wait for it to show up!  I think I was more excited about it coming then Sis was!  Can I just take a moment to comment on the cover art. GORGEOUS!  AND – she signed it. YAY!



Sis (age 10) and I read this one as a “read together” book.  Each night, each of us would read a chapter aloud.  I really enjoyed it.  It was great mommy/daughter time, and the story was fun and different. 


From a mom’s perspective, I thought the book was great.  I kept thinking The Magic of Finkleton would be an easy way to introduce the topic of a death (which is really a hard topic to introduce to younger ones).  In the very beginning Uncle Harry passes away, and the family have to move to take over his store.  The story touches on their loss of the Uncle, and throughout the book the continually talk in remembrance of him.  I know I am “reading” a lot into it, but I thought that having them talk about Uncle Harry, etc.  Shows younger kids, that may well have not had to deal with “death” yet, that it’s ok.  People die, that happens.  It’s ok to miss them, and ok to go on remembering them.  I just thought it was a wonderful piece of the story.

The mysteries kept me (the adult) reading and entertained. I couldn’t wait to find out “what” was going on. =D  I enjoyed the kids mouthiness, and then how their secrets bind them as they try to solve the mysteries!  Sis and I literally laughed out loud at the kids bantering back and forth at each other.  “She’s not a LADY”… LOL

My favorite character in this book has to be lil Lizzy and her love for books.  She has a smart mouth and a love for words.  That child could definitely have been born to this house. LOL

In the end, I say this is a great book.  Would be great for kids say 6+ (with help reading).   I enjoyed this one, and Sis’s review of it will be up later this week if you’d like to see her take on the story.

Mrs. Hilton also sent me an extra copy- so there will be a giveaway for this book during JULY!  Make sure you keep an eye out so you can get entered!

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