Quick update! Schools OUT! wooo!

Hey you guys! I just wanted to pop in and do a real quick update!

I know I’ve been a little spurty at posting this past month or so, but I promise it was with good cause. School was rounding out and now that I’m finishing up my Associates and moving on to the Bachelors I really wanted to hammer down hard and make sure I stayed on that Dean’s List!

I did it! At least, I think.

I took my last final yesterday (History 108). It was the only one really stressing me out for this semester.

I tested out of Astronomy, so I have an A with no final required. Made a 100% on my Business Writing final, which was a long-form report, so I have like a 99.9% in there. Missed ONE on my Sociology final, but I had done some extra credit throughout the semester so I am pretty sure my final class grade will be 100%+. The History class though. BAH. I needed at least a 90% on that final to have an A for the semester, because my crazy butt missed a few assignments. I missed 5 on the multiple choice questions, so minus 2.5 points there, and I am still waiting on him to grade the big ole essay that counted as 50% of the final. I really feel like I am going to throw up every time I think about that final. LOL

I doubt getting a B in there will bump me off the Dean’s List this semester, but I sure like seeing those A’s on my transcript!

Oh, AND….

I got this, this semester

 Outstanding Student in Humanities – English award.

This is the Outstanding Student in Humanities – English award.

You guys!  You have no idea, how awesome this award makes me feel. From what I gather, the instructors in the English department “vote” on the recipient and they voted for me. Unanimously!

Yeah, I teared up a little when they told me. No kidding.

Just looking at it makes me feel so accomplished and proud of myself. Lord knows I was so scared to go back to school after being out for so long. My life was in such a turmoil, I honestly didn’t know how anyone could expect me to make it through college. I know I didn’t! But here I am. About to have my Associates in Arts and moving on to my Bachelor’s in English/Journalism. *sigh*

Seriously, I’m finally starting to feel like a grown-up!

I have no doubt in my mind that I would not have made it this far with out the support of my family, friends, and mostly my “online” friends. Everyone is always so supportive of me and I wonder sometimes just what I did to deserve such wonderful people in my life.

So, thank you all for supporting me! And thank you for still hanging around this site even though the posts have been so spurty this last two months! I mean, my goodness yall!

We are fixing to pass THREE MILLION VISITORS!!!

I don’t even know what to say, so…




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