Rave Master Book 1

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Rave Master, Book 1

By: Hiro Mashima

Published by: TokyoPop
ISBN: 9781591820642

Genre: Fantasy Manga
Pages: 192

Recommendable for people who: Love manga, fantasy, and many, many comedy moments.

The all-powerful Dark Stone — a magical stone and ruler of the dark side — awakes after a fifty-year-long respite and falls into the hands of Demon Card, an evil organization bent on world domination. Only one thing can resist the Dark Stone`s evil powers: a sacred stone called Rave. Demon Card dispatches an assassin after the Rave Master; a man called Shiba and the only living person with the power to use the sacred stone. Mortally wounded in the assault, Shiba is distressed to learn that he no longer has control over Rave. Will this mean that the world will pass over to the dark side?But wait! Shiba was not alone. Next to him stands a boy called Haru. Miraculously, the boy rekindles life in the sacred stone when he takes Rave in his hands and becomes its chosen successor. With his friends by his side Haru sets out on a quest to locate the other four remaining Raves that supposedly exist somewhere in the world. Only with these other sacred stones can the evil Demon Card — more awesome a foe than ever could be imagined — be finally vanquished.

My Thoughts:

Now, when I started High School, I checked the library for an Interesting book, and found this masterpiece! Though it is Manga, which you read right to left in the panels, I loved it to the very last book. Haru himself is an interesting character. I know curiosity killed the cat, but why was Haru chosen as the rave’s successor? This will be a common question as you progress through the volumes.

As Haru himself, with Ellie, Musica, and many other protagonists go through the path to defeating the Demon Card, each and every one of them grows to a point where they seem to be an entirely different character from where you began.

Though you wont see it all in this book. My favorite characters are Ploo and Musica, simply because I find them both to be hilarious at times. Though you may not like this series, it will always have a place in my heart. From the first page to the last, you will feel as though you are watching a movie, as these many characters seem to show more expression.

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