Reality Bites: Tales of a Half-Vampire by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

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Reality Bites: Tales of a Half-Vampire

By: Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

Published by: Essemkay Company Productions
Released On: June 4, 2012

ISBN: 0615614299
Pages: 206 pages
Genre: MiddleGrade

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Format of Review Copy: Paperback
Source: ARC

Recommendable for people who enjoy: MiddleGrade, paranormal

Synopsis (from Amazon):

Growing up in a family of vampires, witches, werewolves, and other assorted embarrassments can be tough on a girl who is just trying to be normal and fit in. When the school plans a Halloween ball, dressing up proves to be a lot harder than it should. Mackenzie has high hopes to at least talk with the boy she likes, but first she has to make it out of the house ALIVE, or at least looking like she’s not Half-Dead.

What is a “good” girl to do? When reality bites, it make take more than a little bit of family magic to see her through

Reality Bites by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

My Thoughts:

I actually hadn’t planned on reading this book yet. I just popped it open to see if it was signed, since the author sent it to me directly, and somehow…I got sucked in. Before I realized what I was doing I was on page 30. haha. (My reading updates on GOODREADS)

This story follows Mackenzie, a seventh grader, who also happens to be half vampire. All she wants to do is be “normal” and go to her schools Halloween Ball. Unfortunately, her family has some strong traditions for Halloween, being as they are all vampires, werewolves, and MORE. =D We follow Mackenzie as she tries to scheme a way to get to her Halloween Ball in a Princess costume rather than something dead or some other scary thing.

I enjoyed the characters, they were all very likeable. Reading from Mackenzie’s perspective actually brought back a lot of memories and feelings from my own school days. I think a lot of kids will relate to feeling like they don’t fit in or are “different”. Queen MV, the mom in this story and coincidently a vampire, was great. My favorite of the entire cast had to be Aunt Wilma, with her one snaggletoof. haha.

Story wise, I thought this was a fun read. To me this book was like the Adams Family meets Dear Dumb Diary.

In Conclusion:

I enjoyed this book. It was a super quick read, and would definitely recommend to middle grade readers.

*Just a note: the edition I read did contain a few typos, but the author is doing a revision. They should be taken care of by the time you read this post.

Mom Notes:This book is fun and would recommend for children ages 8+. Does discuss monsters:vampires, werewolves, etc. But not in a graphic or detailed way. Easily comparable to the Dear Dumb Diary series.

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