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Bunnys Weekly List of upcoming book releases

New Book Releases Week of Sept 21–Oct 04, 2014

Check out this week’s HUGE ASS POST of the HOT NEW BOOK RELEASES for the weeks of Sept 24- Oct 4! So many great titles! This weeks post features FICTION, YOUNG ADULT, MIDDLE GRADE, and CHILDRENS books!


Happy Friday, guys! Time for another #FridayReads… This week, I had a few of my favorite guys sit in for me (because I didn’t want to put meh face on!) lol! This weekend, I’ll be reading NOS4A2: A Novel by Joe Hill NOS4A2: A Novel by Joe Hill Release Date: …

Book Haul / In my Mailbox – April 2013

This week Bunny shares books she’s recieved from: Fred Saberhagen,Nicholas Conde,Michael Crichton,George Simpson,D.J. MacHale,Laurell K. Hamilton,Cassandra Clare,William Alexander,Andrew Pyper,E. B. Hudspeth,Steve Schirripa,Dianne K. Salerni,L. A. Meyer,Ysabeau S. Wilce,Andrea Cheng,Aeryn Dougan,Lisa Jahn-Clough,Charles Gilman,Polly Shulman,Maile Meloy,Don McNair,Scott Speer,Jean Ferris,Joe Hill,Morgan Rhodes,Neil Gaiman, and Terry Prachett!

Book Haul / In my Mailbox November 2012

I recieved some awesome books over the last couple of weeks, guys! In this video I feature books from: William McNally,Gretchen McNeil,Madeline Rosca,Phillipa Bornikova,Annette Cascone,Pearl North,Robin Maxwell,Joseph Nassise,Philip Pullman,Liz Jensen,DR O’Brien,Stephen King,Joe Hill

Book Haul – Oct 29 2012

  Well, I meant to post this last weekend, and forgot. Then I was going to post this THIS weekend and well… My baby girl turned 12, and the weekend got away from me. Like at that very important business meeting. aka… when we had lunch out our favorite Mexican …

In the Tall Grass by Stephen King and Joe Hill

Bunny Reviews: IN THE TALL GRASS by Stephen King and Joe Hill. In the Tall Grass begins with a sister and brother who pull off to the side of the road after hearing a young boy crying for help from beyond the tall grass. Within minutes they are disoriented, in deeper than seems possible, and they’ve lost one another. The boy’s cries are more and more desperate. What follows is a terrifying, entertaining, and masterfully told tale, as only Stephen King and Joe Hill can deliver.

Book of the Day: In the Tall Grass

Happy Monday, folks! What a nice week I had last week! Several goodies hanging out in my mailbox, one of them being In the Tall Grass by Stephen King & Joe Hill! Not only was I sent the audio to review, but I also got the ebook! Love this! I …

Hot July Releases in HORROR

Hi folks!  As I’ve mentioned, I am part of a collab channel on youtube called BookishDays.  At the end of the month one of the things we do is go over what all’s coming out the next month.  My genre is horror, of course.  So here is my list of …

Horns: A Novel by Joe Hill

Book Read: March 25, 2010 Horns: A Novel By: Joe Hill 0061147958 Published by: William Morrow Genre: Pages: 384 Author’s Website: Author’s Twitter: Recommendable for people who: People who like fantasy/thriller… Good vs. Evil fiction Synopsis: {from Joe Hills website} At first Ig thought the horns were a …

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

Purchased:  April 18, 2008 Read:  May 2008 20th Century Ghosts by:Joe Hill 0061147974 9780061147975 Published by: William Morrow Genre: Horror Pages: 336 Author’s Website: Author’s Twitter: Recommendable for people who: enjoy ghost stories, short stories, fiction The Book: Collection of short stories by author Joe Hill. Has won: …