The Telling by Mike Duran

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The Telling

By: Mike Duran

Published by: Realms
Released On: 2012-05-15

ISBN: 1616386940
Pages: 304
Genre: Christian Fiction, Horror

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Format of Review Copy: Paperback
Source: ARC

Recommendable for people who enjoy:
Horror and/or Supernatural Thrillers

Synopsis (from Amazon):
A prophet never loses his calling, only his way.

Disfigured with a hideous scar from his stepmother, Zeph Walker lives his life in seclusion, cloistering himself in a ramshackle bookstore on the outskirts of town. But Zeph is also blessed with a gift—an uncanny ability to foresee the future,to know peoples’ deepest sins and secrets. He calls it the Telling, but he has abandoned this gift to a life of solitude, unbelief, and despair—until two detectives escort him to the county morgue where he finds his own body lying on the gurney. On the northern fringes of Death Valley, the city of Endurance is home to llama ranches, abandoned mines, roadside attractions…and the mythical ninth gate of hell. Now, forced to investigate his own murder, Zeph discovers something even more insidious behind the urban legends and small-town eccentricities. Early miners unearthed a megalithasacred site where spiritual and physical forces converge and where an ancient subterranean presence broods. And only Zeph can stop it. But the scar on Zeph’s face is nothing compared to the wound on his soul. For not only has he abandoned his gift and renounced heaven, but it was his own silence that spawned the evil. Can he overcome his own despair in time to seal the ninth gate of hell?

His words unlocked something deadly, And now the silence is killing them.

The Telling by Mike Duran

I discuss this at 10:59 in the video above

My Thoughts:

I read this book in about a day. And I have to tell ya, according to my reading updates on goodreads… I may have liked this book. Just a little.

Goodreads - Bunny Cates's review of The Telling

Being October, I was really in the mood for something to freak me out, and THE TELLING did just that. The story has a strong religious base with that age old battle the we all love – Good vs Evil. Will someone be able to stop it before the 9th Gate bursts open and all Hell breaks loose? Literally.

The book has rich characters, I totally loved Zeph. He is the main protagonist in our story and perfect in that flawed, reluctant hero, sort of way. You know that one guy, who everyone knows will save us but he doubts himself so much that he thinks everyone is CRAZY for putting their faith in him. Yeah, that guy. I loved him. He is like that little puppy thats been kicked so many times that it knows better than to trust a person but still for some reason – with those big puppy eyes – he trusts just one more time. The question is, will he get kicked in the face again or will he save the day?! haha..

I don’t want to go into a lot of the plot for you, because I don’t want to spoil ANY of the book! What I will tell you is, in my mind, this story reminded me of several of my favorite Hollywood films: The Ninth Gate, End Of Days, Constantine, Invasion of the Body Snatchers… All of my favorite things from these movies, were woven into this book. The action of it, the idea of it, all of it . It was awesome.

In Conclusion:

Loved this one. It was my favorite read from October. I say pick it up if you’re looking for something that is paranormal scary!

Mom Notes:

Contains violence and strong religious components. Ages 13+

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