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My name is Bunny Brown Cates. It is my real name, not a pseudonym. I am a forty year old, stay at home mom, from Kentucky, and I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I began writing short stories and poems around third or fourth grade and have been “tinkering” ever since. Most of my writing ventures are of the dark, if not gory, nature. They always have been, even when I was a child.

I remember being called into the office, when I was in elementary school (early eighties), and made to apologize to a classmate. She’d read one of my stories and it had scared her to the point that she was crying and refusing to go on our class field trip. My story had been about our field trip, and the exhibits coming to life and killing us all. I remember the principal asking me what was wrong with me, and telling me “Normal people don’t think about stuff like that!” I giggle now when I watch the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movie, thinking to myself wouldn’t that movie be better if…

In sixth grade, I wrote a poem about suicide. I don’t know why I wrote it, I wasn’t depressed. One of my classmates found it when she was borrowing a piece of paper. Funnily enough, it was the same girl I’d made cry two years before. Two class periods later found me sitting in the guidance counselor’s office. It took the rest of the day to convince those ladies that I didn’t want to kill myself. For the next week, I was required to pop in every day during lunch for a “chat”. All of the “chats” ended with a “You’re so smart, why would you write this kind of stuff.” Eventually, the “normal people don’t think about this kind of stuff” sunk in, and I began writing for myself. To get it out of my head, and then throwing the stories away.

Today, I write for my own pleasure, and though it would be amazing to be published I don’t really see it ever happening. I’m afraid my ego would not be able to take the rejection process it would have to endure to find representation. There is no way I could afford to self publish. The cost of editing and cover design is just not in our family budget.

I suppose I could say I don’t really see myself as an “author”. I am a story teller. I am “passively” seeking representation. If a deal fell in my lap, I doubt I would turn it away. However, I am not currently actively querying agents.


My Books:

None of my books have been published, nor made readily available to the public.


BEGAN: 2013
PROGRESS: Currently working on 1st draft
GENRE: Supernatural / Horror
SYNOPSIS: A young girl learns just how scary playing games with the fae can be.


The little girl hid with her hands over her mouth, praying he wouldn’t hear her whimpers. The cabinet under the sink was dark and scary but she knew better than to reveal herself yet.
Excerpt copyright ©Bunny Cates, 2013 and may not be reprinted without express written permission



BEGAN: 2002
PROGRESS: On Hold. ReWrite
GENRE: Supernatural / Horror / Thriller
SYNOPSIS: An interesting take on werewolf mythology. This is at its heart, a story of survival and revenge. An interesting tale of good vs. evil that will leave readers questioning whether ones genealogy determines psyche.


She felt his eyes upon her. Felt his hatred burn her skin as if he were dripping her with acid. In that moment, she knew. Tonight she would either die or finally, FINALLY, she would choose to live.
Excerpt copyright ©Bunny Cates, 2012 and may not be reprinted without express written permission



BEGAN: 1990
PROGRESS: On Hold. Originally written as a script. Rewriting from script to novel format.
GENRE: Fiction / Horror / Thriller
SYNOPSIS: Serial killer, kidnappings, and a race against the clock. This book follows one broken mans journey to save his missing niece. Can he find her before her time is up?

This book is a complete work of fiction. However, a member of my family was raped and killed when I was a child. I have no doubt that the events that touched our family sparked the idea for this novel. I have been working on this project since my junior year in high school. In my mind, I feel it will never be finished. Never be good enough to call “done”. This book is my nemesis, my “trunk novel”.


If you are an agent with a proven track record, seeking new and undiscovered talent within the horror/thriller genre, and would be interested in representing me, feel free to contact me.

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